Saturday, June 11, 2011

23 weeks, potty training update

Another week has passed and my little boy is a week older!

As we are going on holidays next friday I won't be able to update for a while, but given the interest you fab girls showed on the potty training aspect I thought I'd share how things are going and what we do.
I will start by saying that in the past 8 days we had only 4 dirty nappies (twice it was an overnight thing, one time was at the very beginning and another time I didn't get to the loo on time!) which I am amazed and a bit shocked! Oliver seems to absolutely love doing his things in the loo rather than in his nappy. Twice he woke up from a nap with a fully dry nappy, I brought him to the loo, did the "ppppsss ppsss" sound and he peed happily. Then he looks up and smiles!
Of course there are some times he doesn't have to do anything and he'll make it very clear, meaning that he pushes with his feet on the toilet seat (as if wanting to stand up) and complains.
I've started reading a bit on this technique and as I mentioned in my previous post it's criticised by some experts, but I've also read amazing experiences of people having children out of nappies by the time they were 1! Some people have actually started this EC (elimination communication) routine as early as the baby was born. Thinking back, I don't think I would have had the energy or the will to do so at the very beginning, but just to let you know, it is possible.
The overall idea is that of leaving the baby without a nappy for as much time as possible. The benefits are obvious, babies love being nappy free, rashes are minimised (Oliver never suffered of those) and the freedom of movements is increased dramatically (specially for those who use cloth nappies which are bulkier). The downside is that you may have several "accidents" and so what you try to do is to understand the signals of your baby before he has to pee or poo and bring him to a potty or to the loo.
The weather/temperature here is not such that we can leave Oliver naked, but in preparation to go to Italy this is a good training.
Pees are still very difficult and I think I just get lucky when I manage to get one in the loo, but poos are quite predictable.
Our experience so far has been extremely positive.

On a final note, I of course went to buy a toilet training seat, thinking it would be a great help rather than me holding Oliver over the loo. I got the Bumbo training seat but returned it the morning after.
I'm sure it may be perfect for girls but NOT for boys. Whichever way the seat is shaped (it's like the Bumbo seat with the bottom part cut off), Oliver sits in it in a way that his willy is not in the hole and he would pee in his face. Even if we'd manage to have all his bits in the hole (not really easy) the pee would go all over the toilet seat because the Bumbo is hollow underneath with no "splash-guard". We exchange it for a funky potty which I'm not sure we'll ever use (to be honest I'd hope to just use the toilet training seat when he's bigger).
Hoppop Baby Bath Time Torro Lime
And so the quest continues! I read the Baby Bjorn toilet training seat is great. I'll let you know if I get it!


  1. Wow I have missed a lot! It sounds like you are going to love the new clinic and I am proud of you for jumping in again!

    As for potty training...better you than me! LOL. Not to mention that since I work there is no way we could do it with any consistency. Sounds promising though!

    New kittie is adorable! Dude will always takes time...sometimes months, but they will become friends :-)

  2. Ha, we have the same Hoppop potty! My son quite likes it (not that he uses it that often...). The only downside I think it has is that the green part comes easily off the white part, which makes it a bit unstable sometimes.

  3. Wow! I'm very interested to follow along as you do this. I don't know anything about the process, and it's probably too late to start with Kate. Very best of luck to you and Oliver.

    I bought the Baby Bjorn potty seat. It's the kind that sits alone on the floor, versus the little seat that's placed on the toilet. We haven't let her use it yet, though.

  4. Great update! I did manage to get a book on elimination communication and even my husband believes we can do it part-time ( the book we have has 3 tracks - full-time, part-time and occasional). So far we've managed to get Liam to pee in the toilet after his nap! We're going to try to get him on the toilet for his morning poo since they're pretty regular. I'm interested in the baby Bjorn as well. Since you're going to be more consistent with this than me, definitely keep posting your progress!

  5. Nice to see your potty training efforts! Where I grew up, it is very common to be potty trained by 1 year of age (in fact, I was)... I would have loved to do it with my twins too... but it wouldn't work, because while I am putting one in the potty, the other would cry his/her eyes out or go to a restricted area. Works great if you have a singleton or have help at hand. Good luck to Oliver and you! :)

  6. I'm so impressed with your potty training skills! Can't wait to hear how it goes as you both progress. Exciting!

  7. I am amazed that you are trying to potty train already! That is incredible. We're just now going to start getting serious about potty training Baby Bean.

    As for rashes, BB didn't get them until she was on table food alone. You might get lucky and avoid them all together!

  8. Wow! You are certainly doing good in the potty training department. I won't say much on what is better because I have never had to live through such a thing.

    All I know is that earlier a kid is eased into a routine, faster is the learning. But I am aware all kids are different.

    I also read your last post! September will be here in no time! Good Luck!

    And hey, have a great vacation.

  9. I do EC with my daughter.. We started when she was 2 months old. Unfortunately, we weren't too successful (and the winter kind of undid anything that was). BUT she has not lost touch with her bodily functions, she knows she needs to pee/poo.
    She had just turned one, and I am now toilet training her. She already knows the potty is for her use (up till now I held her over a bowl) but will not go to it on her own will. I plan from Friday (the 1st..) to say goodbye to nappies (except when someone else watches her of course..) and go cold turkey.

    Good for you for recognizing the signs!!

    You think only boys are hard to aim? Let me tell you that it took me a long time to get it right!


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