Saturday, June 4, 2011

22 weeks, shopping, clinic and potty training (!)

My darling Oliver is 22 weeks! 5 full months!

We are experiencing a heatwave here and the weather is amazing! On monday it's holiday here so it's a long weekend for which I've tons of things planned!
Yesterday I bought a light frame stroller called Petit Star Zia Plus. It seems like people have mixed opinions but I'm totally positive about it, really easy to use and manoeuvre!
Folds really small and I got a good offer with a summer removable lining, a parasol and rain cover! Very happy about it and Oliver seems to love it too! It'll be our summer/travel stroller!
On the shopping side, I finally manage to buy some swimwear for our upcoming trip to the seaside. I got everything in the same shop after seeing their collection online. I'm pleased with it too, though I think I have a long way to go before I'll look good in anything!

In other news, a girl on one of the local boards attending my same clinic mentioned that my Fav Doctor is now certified on the Irish medical board too (she is not Irish and got her qualification abroad) and so can now take her own patients. I thought it was a sign so I texted her congratulating her on the news and to see if we can set up a meeting to plan our future. She was delighted and said that given I'm a special patient, I can just tell her when I want to go in and she'll make time for me. So it may be next week!! Wohoo!! Things are moving fast! Of course I'll update you on that too.

Finally yesterday and today I got Oliver to poo on the loo!! I had read that if you hold the baby in a particular way it'll help them understand how to go potty in a more regular way. It was a popular method in tribal societies where nappies were not used. There is a lot of controversy on this potty training method and I am not following it as such. Anyway, yesterday I got the impression that he was probably about to poo so I took off his nappy and held him over the loo (keeping his legs lifted towards his tummy) and he went! He seemed delighted with the experience and so was I. Then this morning we did it again! Now, he also pooed in his nappy other times but given that we use cloth nappies it's a great victory not to having to clean them from solids sometimes and also I'm sure it's great for him not to have to sit on his poo till I realise he needs a change.


  1. One less dirty diaper = one big success! I must be crazy, because that seemed like such a fun way to be so in sync with your beautiful boy!

  2. Hi Fran, really interested to hear in your potty experience. I have just started reading Diaper-Free Baby, all about elimination communication, and I am becoming convinced. There are many ways to do it, you don't have to go diaper free in the strictest sense... I will be using cloth nappies but plan to use communication with my baby so I too can put baby on the potty when I see that she needs to go. Lovely to hear that has worked for you. xxx

  3. Potty training at 5 months? Wow - you go girl (Dr Spock would be proud of you, haha).

  4. I can't believe Oliver is 5 months. ::blink blink:: It's gone by so fast!

    Great news for Dr. L!!!! I asked about her when I was in for intralipids on Monday; she was on holiday. Thrilled for her. She's such a great doctor.

  5. My darling, Fran, I'm so sorry I missed your post about Patches. I became quite sad and teary reading that you had to put him down. My sympathies are with you and The Dude, who must miss his friend so much. I hope Carlito will bring much joy to your family.

    Speaking of family, wow, poo on the loo at 5 months?! Now that is incredible! And we must be sharing a vibe because just yesterday I bought Scout a little toddler potty, thinking I wanted to introduce the idea to him.

    I think your new stroller is pretty sharp and stylish and you getting ready to start baby # 2? Very exciting!

  6. That's great! I must read more about it!!!

  7. 5 months old! How exciting! I've read some about potty-training babies early - it's very exciting, and all about being in tune with your baby. Very cool, can't wait to hear how it goes!

  8. Happy 5 months birthday to Oliver.

    I have found that we must have our opinion about a product especially if it appears there is a mixed review.

    Congrats on your Favourite Doctor getting certified on the medical board, and you getting a chance to meet her so soon.

  9. First of all, holy cow on Oliver going poo-poo on the loo. Amazing! Very interested to hear more about that training.
    I'm bummed too that I don't get to see you before we leave, I feel like you've become a dear friend. If you ever want to visit Seattle area - you know who to visit :)
    All my love!

  10. That's great news about your doc, and great news that you can start talking nuts and bolts so soon. That's amazing about Oliver's poo experience. He is clearly far ahead of the curve:)

  11. I have never heard of potty training so early...I feel so bad...I guess I need to work on this with Cameron. Thanks


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