Friday, February 17, 2012

Another week

Friday already! Can you believe it? We had a bit of a rough week, Oliver got sick at the weekend and eventually we went to the emergency doc has his temperature was quite high, he was crying a lot and no sleep at all. The verdict was a very inflamed throat and so we had a light antibiotic to make sure no secondary infection was setting in. He was much better within a couple of days. I stayed home with him till Tuesday and though this never happened before I found it so difficult to go back to work on Wednesday!! Mike came down with the same flu about monday evening so I had two to look after. I seem to have escaped the worse of it though I'm getting a cold just now...

Oliver is making steady progress with cruising, still needs at least one hand to walk but every wall, table or chair is a great "walking aid" for him. His new love is going up the stairs with me or Mike holding his hands and he goes up one full step at the time! Of course for him the steps are as high as his thighs so it's a big effort!We also got some locks for cupboards in the kitchen, mostly where I keep detergents as he seems really curious about that specific press! I bought him his first pair of "real" shoes which are very flexible and soft but will help his stability, in the shop the assistant actually took a pic of Oliver and frame it for us as a big milestone! One thing I liked is that they measured also the width of his foot (both!) to make sure they model was a perfect fit. He loves  wearing them.
Cruiser Lad
I'm still very excited about our trip to the US and delighted I may be meeting even more bloggers! I have not decided yet when I'm going to the East Coast, and of course I don't have to go to Boston directly, could go to New York and have a couple of days there and meet a few more bloggers! So all is possible.

One final thing, I noticed that those blogs that are using the "word verification" thingy when you comment have now a new version of it, if possible even more annoying where you have to type two words which are often illegible! Do you guys get that many spam comments? I removed that check a while ago and eliminated the option for anonymous comments and never had a problem! I read a great post a few months back about how useless that feature is and how it limits comments (if you read from your phone for example), so I invite you to give it a go and see how it goes without it!
Have a great weekend you all. 


  1. Love the shoes! The joys of being a mother.

  2. I hate those "word verification" thingies, too, especially the new one. I don't use it on my blog and hate having to use it on others. Oh, and I don't get any spam.

  3. I'm going to can mine. That two word thing is completely useless.

    Adorable shoes! I can't wait for first steps.

    Ps. auntmisfitATgmailDOTcom will get to me.

  4. I was brought up warring Clark's shoes! Love em! We hsve all been sick too:((
    No fun!

  5. Sweet shoes! Glad to hear he's enjoying the cruising but sorry to hear about the flu:( No fun for anyone. If you DO come through NYC, I'd love to meet up!

    I had a lot of spam in the beginning. It was very weird, just random "advertisement" comments, which is why I did the verification. I'll have to try it for awhile without, though. And I agree...I could go blind trying to make out the two words.


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