Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Work work work and more work

My dear readers, I am swamped with work and so don't get much time to blog. I do read you though from my phone! Please activate the function of mobile format, it's soooo much easier to see!

In bullet points here are the latest:

Oliver has settled nicely back into the new wobbler room in the crèche which is great. He has learnt this very cute "Oh-oh" sound which he makes anytime something falls! He's almost exclusively on organic cow's milk (though we still add some organic formula to the night bottle) and loves it.
He's learning to self-feed and you can imagine it's quite messy at dinner time.
Sleep is good, we realised that if he was waking up at night and couldn't find his soother, he would not settle and we had to go in, find the soother for him, hope he hadn't waken up too much and that he would go back to sleep. This may happen even 4 times a night. It is tough to get to work with such a disrupted sleep. So we foun a solution! We are now putting him to bed with his soother plus two more in the bed and you should see his happiness! One afternoon I saw him seeping with one soother in his mouth and one in each hand! Anyway this has been a life saver for us.
We had some sort of a virus just one week after going back to the crèche and of course we all got it. This delayed a bit Oliver's 12 month jab but thankfully he had no problems at all this time.
We think it won't be long till he's walking! Stay tuned!


  1. What a smart way to solve his soother problem. Now you can get some uninterrupted sleep! My little guy has been getting up once a night for a feeding (he was sleeping through the night). I think it's a growth spurt, but I'm trying to figure out how to get him back to sleeping through the night again.

    I hope work slows down for you a bit (but does it ever really?).

  2. My daughter has this puppy that she just cannot live without. Every time I went to the store, I would buy every single puppy they had in stock. We ended up with one in my car, Hubs' truck, a downstairs puppy, a bath time puppy, one at daycare, and of course, the bed time puppy. We do what it takes to keep the kids happy!

  3. Scout still wakes up at night sometimes, looking for his binkie (soother) and I have to get up and find it and give it to him. I've tried putting 2 or 3 in the crib, but he doesn't seem to find them on his own. Good for Oliver!

    Sorry to hear you all got the virus going around. I guess it's the season. C'mon, srping!

  4. Sounds like a good way to solve the problem of the soother. Sorry you're sick.

  5. 12 month jab! Wow. Not sure where the time has gone!

    That's a smart solution for the soother - our O also loves his and does sometimes lose it at night. Someone told us, "well, you should teach him to sleep without it." Fat chance. Nice in theory not so nice in practice.

    It sounds like Oliver is doing wonderfully - nearly walking!! And full contact eating. May they be the first of many, many gourmand moments.


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