Saturday, January 19, 2013

26 weeks, a bit of drama, a cold and Oliver

Baby is a head of lattuce today apparently! Moves regularly and strongly, and I think all is progressing well. But let me tell you about the bit of drama we had a the beginning of the week...

Sunday was a great day, first sunday back from the holidays at my parents' and Mike and I enjoyed a lot of time together...while Oliver took is usual nap after lunch. On monday I wasn't feeling the best, my stomach was aching a bit, started feeling some tightening in the belly. By the time we picked up Oliver at the creche I thought my tummy was just one big ball of marble. I got home, took a shower, drank plenty of water, rested on the bed. By 8 pm I thought better to give the hospital a call, jus in case these contractions are not normal. They told me to go in, I took a taxi and went. This is the most difficult thing about our situation, we don't have family here that can be at hand, we don't really have a baby sitter organised either and in any case is not like you can have someone on call all the time. So Mike stays home with the baby and I go into the hospital. I was seen straight away, in L&D, lovely midwives and doctors took excellent care of me, I was not dilated or effaced, and the contractions while I felt them, were not threatening. The uterus was measuring right for dates, they gave me steroids shots just in case the baby decides to come a bit early (please not SO early!) and kept me overnight. The HB was often monitored and it was always great, by the time it was morning I was back to my old self. Dr. W. came to see me, he thought they were probably just very strong Braxton Hicks that he said are perceived more in following pregnancies but not to be shy and go in again if I worry. I asked about taking anything to relax the uterus, his position is that there's very little that works and taking it easy, drinking plenty and having done the steroids is about all that one can do. I trust him deeply, read a bit of papers myself and I have to say I agree. I also found out Italy is moving in this direction too, while they would have loaded you with drugs in this situation a few years ago, now they don't anymore. All has been quiet since, I'm glad I went in and a bit of surprise was to meet some of the midwives I taught back in September! They remembered me and I got the royal treatment without a doubt!
I'm seeing Dr. W on monday for my scheduled appointment, I guess we are gong to check for proper growth, fluids and all that, I'm hopeful all will be good.

It's three days I have started sneezing, then the cough started about yesterday, I have not been sleeping much at all as I can't find a position in which I can breathe that is comfortable...Then this cold must have affected my trachea somehow, I feel as if it's smaller (like having a lump in your throat), it's not sore, but my voice is really low...and I'm back lecturing on monday!!! Not good...let's hope this is the worst day and will start improving tomorrow...

The other big news is that we are trying to transition Oliver to sleeping without the side protection in his cot. It's not going too well at all, he keeps getting up and actually seems relieved when we give up and turn the bed around so that the opening is against the wall and it's like his old bed. Any tips are appreciated! The new room won't arrive for another couple of weeks I think, and I wonder if he's just not ready yet.
We are every day amazed at the number of words he has and is able to put together in both languages...last night he melted my heart when I asked him "Quanto bene ti vuole la mamma?" (Do you know how much mamma loves you?) and he answered "Tanto cosi'!" (This much!) which is what I would always tell him while hugging him tightly...but I never thought he'd picked up on it! I had tears in my eyes...

Teaching term starts next week, I have all my teaching at the beginning of the semester (should be over in 6 weeks) but I better have some contingency plan in case I don't get to finish. I have to say, my colleagues are amazing, I feel very loved and supported all around!
Better go and get some tissue...this nose is like a tap!


  1. Fran, sorry you're feeling under the weather and that you had a bit of a scare. Glad that all is right as rain now. Honestly, it sounds like Oliver is not ready to be in a big bed yet, I know you don't have a lot more time, but it sounds like he needs it.

    Our daughter is still in her crib. We're not going to move her until she starts showing signs of wanting to climb out on her own.

  2. Oh, I'm glad it was nothing serious - but never fun to have to stay overnight in the hospital. We have a similar situation with no family nearby and no sitters on-demand, but luckily we now have two sets of neighbours with kids around the same age as our oldest son, and they have been able to help us out a few times (notably when we had to go to the hospital to deliver baby #2). Take care of yourself!

  3. Sorry to hear about your adventures. I hope you are back to your peppy self soon.
    We converted George's bed to a toddler's when he started climbing out of the cot. We've put a mattress next to it, so when he rolls over, which he does, he does not fall and wake himself up. Not really the main idea of a toddler bed, but we do what we need to do to get some sleep. :-)

  4. Phew! So glad it wasn't anything more than Braxton Hicks! You did the right thing by going in to get checked, though! Sorry to hear about the cold - hope you're feeling much better....Oh, I love the sound of children speaking Italian...I overheard a little girl in the south of Italy eating her ice cream and exclaiming "Magnifico!!!" :)
    P.S. We're going to be in Ireland in 2014!! I sooooo hope we get to meet! XO

  5. You are in good company. I started having braxton hicks with cramps a couple of weeks ago. Because I always had full contractions with Little Bean, I didn't know what was normal and went to the Dr. It makes me feel a little more at ease knowing I'm not the only one this is happening to, and that we are both fine.

    I hope your cold clears up and you get to feeling better soon. Make sure you are getting your daily intake of zinc. That will help clear the cold out faster. :)


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