Tuesday, January 22, 2013

26w2d OB visit

Very quick update to say that the visit yesterday went well. Dr. W was very happy to hear everything had settled and like I thought he measured Phoenix AC to start tracking his growth. At the moment he's a bit skinny (measuring a good few days behind for AC) but there is absolutely no concern. In fact it's only because I read it on the screen that I know he was 25w3d I think, the doctor said nothing at all! He's head down, all looks good and hopefully we'll have a few more weeks of incubation! Next appointment in 3 weeks.

I started telling Oliver that "Mamma has a baby in her belly" so he says there is a baby in mamma's belly. And then he adds "O'ver belly baby too!" in a mix of Italian-English! I really don't think he knows we are going to have another being in the house at some point, but we'll see.
We have stopped for the moment the transition to the bed with no side, he's obviously not ready yet. We'll give it a couple of weeks, maybe see how he takes to the new room and try again. He was not ready.

I started lecturing yesterday and so far so good, but the very early mornings (to be able to get parking on campus!) are hard! Of course yesterday I woke up and it was snowing...first snow this winter and the usual chaos. Not much on the roads at all, but people here have no clue. Today no more snow, but what melted yesterday froze overnight, so another set of difficulties on the road. Anyway, I'm ploughing ahead!


  1. Glad to hear the visit went well. And I hope you enjoyed what you could see on the screen, as I found it much harder after ~30 weeks to understand what is what.
    Take care with the silly weather!

  2. Yay for good news! And yay for a happy, relaxed sounding, zen mama! I hope you enjoy this more than the first time. :-)
    So what exactly is the difference from the clueless-regarding-snow-driving Irish traffic and the always-crazed-and-unpredictable Italian one? :-) I think Italians build gorgeous cars, but their driving skills are out of this world - and not necessarily in the good way. :-)

  3. Oh, everything sounds like it is going wonderfully! So happy for you...And please do drive safe...or don't drive at all if the weather is too bad! XOXOXO

  4. Hi and a very late Happy New Year! I haven't been blogging for a while but had to come by and see how you are doing!

  5. It's always good to read that your checkups are going well...you're almost there! Oliver is just like my little Scout...when I was pregnant with the twins, he would say "Mama has TWO babies in her belly!" Then he would hesitate just for a moment before saying, "Scout has a baby in Scout's belly!" while he pointed at his own belly. I loved it! Absolutely adorable. I hope you photo'd or filmed it.

    So be careful out there on those slippery roads and be sure you get enough rest...those 2-3 hour feedings are right around the corner!

  6. Little Bean will often say she has a baby in her tummy too. It cracks me up. They don't know any other way to be than like us.

    As for the bed, maybe having a completely new bed will make the difference. Maybe all Oliver knows right now is that the bed he has grown up in the last couple years doesn't look right, and he can't or doesn't want to get his head around that. I don't think we transitioned Little Bean until she was about 2.5, and then she just got her big girl bed a few days before we found out we were pregnant in September (she was 3.5).

  7. So great to hear that all is well. i think leaving him in his crib is the right thing for now.

  8. Yay for another good check up. Phoenix is doing great in there :)
    Thats super cute about Oliver saying he has a baby too.. xxx


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