Saturday, March 23, 2013

34 and 35

Not much to report really, but I'm 35 weeks today and doing well (I think!)
I suppose I'm entering a bit of an anxious phase as Oliver stopped growing at 34 weeks and Phoenix started from the beginning being a bit behind (about a week behind). On Monday I have my OB appointment, I'm going on my own as it's late afternoon and Mike will have to pick up Oliver from the creche. Somehow I have a bad feeling (but that's not new with me, is it?) I started worrying as I remembered that at my last scan almost 2 weeks ago, the head circumference was measuring behind the abdominal circumference (I can't remember how much but at least a week if not two). Dr. W didn't say anything just that he's happy the baby is growing as it should, that it's not a big baby but all looks great. And yet... I can't believe I'm falling again in the loop of negative thinking...
I also have AGAIN a cold/cough mix which is really annoying, it's like the soundtrack of this pregnancy. I think I may have been 2 weeks at the most without some sort of viral infection, I put this down to the fact that this pregnancy I have not done the flu vaccine. Ah well, too late now anyway.

The house project is coming along really nicely, Mike has now tiled and painted the new added bit in the kitchen and I think today finally he's going to put up the under-counter lights. I have taken pics of the various phases so I will have a dedicated post once all is nice and tidy. My next project is changing the front door...we'll see if that'll happen anytime soon!

Oliver has been transitioned in the upper toddler room in the creche and as always it's been just fine. I think it's great that they always move a few children at the same time, so his two besties are always with him and then of course he rejoins the slightly older children that had moved a few months back so everything is made real easy. The new carers are lovely too, young and enthusiastic, they showed us that in this room they encourage children to climb up a stepladder to get onto the changing table but they also start actively looking for signs that a child is ready to potty-train and we think Oliver is definitely almost there. It's now two full weeks that Oliver sleeps in the big boy bed and it's absolutely fine, I'm really happy we have been able to do this without too much drama.

Finally on the work front, three more weeks to maternity leave but I'm doing well so I'm happy to keep going. Term starts again on monday after the spring break and the only thing I'm not looking forward to is the madness of the parking situation...early mornings here we go again...


  1. I hear you... I'm done with this cold/sick business too! How is it you are almost done with this pregnancy .. seems like just yesterday

  2. Sounds like you've got a ton going on! I can't wait to see the pictures of all of Mike's work! I will be sending you lots of love on Monday, but I'm sure everything will be just fine!!

    I thought of you and your family as I was driving past the mall near my house! I was thinking of what a great time we had when you visited! Hopefully sometime in the future we can get together again in the future!!

    Big hugs to you and your family!!!

  3. I hope that you can remain calm and optimistic, but with our histories it's really really hard, isn't it? So much seems to be going well! I hope that the next few weeks go smoothly and you are ready when baby comes with a clean tidy house, happy Oliver and happy Phoenix when her arrives. I am just starting the first part of a FET cycle. First baseline tomorrow at 7.30am. Will post soon and FX!

  4. I hope your OB appointment today went well and Phoenix is still growing the way he should be and you don't have to worry. Glad everything else is going well. Take care!


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