Saturday, March 2, 2013

32 weeks

This one feels like another milestone! Weight check this morning is still +11kg which means I have not put on weight in the last two weeks wohhooo! Phoenix moving about very nicely and reassuringly every day and I have quite a few Braxton Hicks daily, but not painful and mostly linked to me walking or doing the stairs. My sister on the other hand has hit 38 weeks! But for now all is quiet in her quarter too.

Thank you for the suggestions on the blocked nose (I'm adding this paragraph at 4.45 am as I the situation is not much improved!), I have bought a marine water nasal spray, I think it helps a bit, but it's not a miracle solution unfortunately...the best thing for me seems to be a combination of such spray, two pillows and getting up in the middle of the night to drink something warm like a camomille or mint tea...needless to say I'm not in the best form in the mornings...thankfully Mike has let me sleep in on weekends and I also manage to go for a nap in the afternoon. Weekdays are tough though.

I attended my first mindfulness class and I LOVED IT. I realised pretty quickly that was what I was looking for, a form of meditation which is practical and almost scientific in the way it's taught. I can't wait for my next session on thursday!

Oliver is now sleeping with the side of his cot open and I'm waiting for the arrival of his duvet (I bought a lovely natural wool duvet from the UK) and we will start having him sleeping in the big boy's room. He seems very happy about the new deal, in the morning he does show up in our bedroom for about 7.15 am which I suppose is not too bad at all! He is then happy to cuddle with us till we get up for his milk. During the week there is very little cuddling time but the weekends are great.

The kitchen was fitted last thursday, we still have to finish the granit top (and we found a practically identical match!!) and Mike is fitting lights under the upper units. Will definitely post pics of the evolution. Off to watch some telly now!


  1. Sounds like your place is really coming along nicely! Nothing like having kids to make you get stuff fixed up!
    Good luck with the big boy transition! Can't believe he is a big boy now!!!
    Glad about the mindfulness class. What is the format of the class? Do you practice in it? I'm guessing you do.

  2. Lovely (and time for my afternoon nap! ;-)

  3. Great to read such a positive update! I'm sorry that you're having difficulty sleeping though, hope you'll get some relief soon...

  4. 32 weeks is definitely a milestone. That's when I'll get a growth scan. I look forward to hearing more about your mindfulness class.

  5. Hello dear Fran, I've been absent from the blogosphere for some time but I am here cheering you on. So glad to read about this milestone but sorry about the blocked nose. And can't believe your Oliver is big enough for a big boy bed. (Ach, time goes).

  6. Sounds like everything is going great except the nose. I'm so happy to hear everything is still well with Phoenix.


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