Monday, March 25, 2013

Ticking along: OB visit

Phoenix is still growing! All looks good, fluids, placenta, blood-flow through the cord and the little belly is two weeks fatter than two weeks ago! The head was not measured this time but to me it looked pretty much the same circumference as the belly which I take it's as it should be.

Dr. W is really thorough and measured the baby 3 times, he will see me again on the 5th of April and the plan for now is to keep a very close eye on growth and see how it all progresses. If nothing happens by the due date, he has suggested a planned c-section so that I'm not going overdue and I agree, there is no point in chancing our luck. He said also my chance of the waters going early is about 15% which sounds pretty low to me but who knows! He then said that should the growth slow down then we have to intervene sooner but in total safety for the baby. 35 weeks is already a very good place to be in and he feels we are good to go anytime.

Sooo I feel better, keeping an eye on baby movements and try to cope the best I can with the sea-sickness sensation I get mostly after breakfast...
The first day of the students being back went well, very busy for me but once this week is over I have very little left to do.

In other news, last night I got a skype call from the Ultimate Vet Hero!! So nice to talk to her and of course I could see the lovely sunshine of Cali which made me really longing for the holidays we had last summer...I'm going to make a real effort to be able to spend a few months there if I can get some sort of sabbatical once i'm back from maternity leave!


  1. Yay for Phoenix still going strong! Must feel good to have an OB who is on top of things. I hope you can start enjoying your maternity leave soon.

  2. Did I just read that you might be coming back to California? Well, that just made my day!!! You are welcome to stay with us if you need a place!

    I am so happy about Phoenix! Your little one is doing so well!

    1. Ahh thanks!! But we would be too many to host!! Still, if I make this happens we'll definitely get to see each other a few more times!

  3. I am so happy to see this update! You are both doing fantastic and I like your birth plan coming together.
    And fingers crossed for a sabbatical for you in the near future!;)

  4. This sounds like a great plan, and having a competent and thorough OB is so nice. Hugs to you. And when you get a chance, can we have another picture, please? :-)

  5. I guess I'm lucky to live in a country with maternity leave starting 4, 5 or 6 weeks before due date, and a total of 16 weeks. Dutch fathers are not so lucky, they get all of 2 days...
    Good to read you are still up to doing the last bits work wise.
    How is your own weight gain going?
    Take care and enjoy while you can

  6. So glad to hear all is going so well!!!

  7. Phoenix is a rock star!!! So glad all is well:) xoxo

  8. Glad Phoenix is doing well (and you, too). I can't believe you are already this close!

  9. Hey Just stopping by to check you!!!!


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