Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Back in Dublin and MIL update

I flew back with Martina on Sunday, Oliver didn't even blink when I left (I told him I was going home to pick up dad so we could all come back together) and so far the reports from Italy is that he's having a blast.
Life with just one child is soooooo easy it's unbelievable, we seem to have lots of time to do things (and cuddles wohoohhoo!!) and yes of course we look forward to be 4 again but we are enjoying this break too. Martina is still not sleeping, but as of last sunday I definitely stopped breastfeeding (I was only doing the falling asleep feed for the last while). So her routine (buuhahahhh) is that she has a bottle going to bed and then we let her sleep (if she is in the mood to do so) till she wakes for the night bottle around 1 or 2 and we don't feed her anymore till morning (and she is not that hungry at that time either). Last night I slept with earplugs and at the other side of the bed, Mike looked after her for the night and was exhausted this morning...well, what can I say, I have been doing it for the last 7 and half months, welcome to my world! Our plan of sleep training her this week have gone down the drain, I am so overwhelmed with work between scripts to correct, a paper I'd like to submit, a review I have to do and two projects to write by the end of January, I just cannot face nights of endless crying. So i don't know, we'll just put up with it and hope for some change soon.

I wanted to write an update on MIL. Things took a turn a couple of weeks back and she was in so much pain. They decided they had to do more surgery and amputate above the knee. This was the proverbial straw...she has been very very down since, we asked for the hospital to arrange a councillor as she is definitely not coping with the new situation. Mike was telling me that yesterday she was saying things like "life is not worth living anymore" and I don't think she ever ever said those words, despite all the things she has gone through in life. This evening she seemed a bit better and was talking even on her phone (she was hardly talking to anyone for the last few days), so hopefully she can find some new strength. Please if you can keep he in your thoughts it would be much appreciated. We are living on monday to go to Italy and I know Mike has a heavy heart...


  1. My grandmother has been severely depressed for 6 years now. But refuses help, and we can't very well force her to take Zoloft. It sucks. It's so hard. She has been through so much. I hope that things start looking up for MIL. Sending many holiday hugs my friend.

  2. I hope the sleep training will get better. I'm sorry to hear about your MIL. I hope she will be open to get counseling and help/support she needs. Happy Holidays!

  3. Hope you are having a good time in Italy and that your little girl will miraculously sleep more all by herself. (then, let me know the secret!! At ten months we still have hit and miss, so sometimes we do wake up, only to find the baby is sleeping through. Then the next night we sleep and she wakes up... oh well)

    It is hard to hear someone who is in pain, but sometimes it is listening to the pain that will help soften the blow. The shock will wear off, but it takes time. Wishing you all strength to share and carry that load.


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