Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The D-day

The "D-frosting" day has finally arrived...I got the call from the clinic to check that I was alive and well so that they could go ahead and thaw all my 6 penguins. Their policy is that they won't call you again unless there is some problem. I think it's terrible but what can I do? Hopefully the phone won't ring at all and I'll make my way to the clinic on thursday afternoon. The embryologist said that there may be the possibility that the embryos grow slower than the fresh one, in that case they'll know on thursday morning and they may delay the transfer until the friday. But all our energies go towards positive thoughts!! and please God the phone will be silent...


  1. Thinking of you today and this week Fran. I agree that it's a breach of human rights not to at least give you an update. Try to think of it as them devoting all their energies to your little frosties. Wow, how exciting having 6 brought to blast; I truly believe blast is best. Am thinking of you through the long wait this week; had the same myself the week before last. The good news our end was that we got all 3 of our embies to very nice blasts and I know you'll do even better, but the wait SUCKS. Hang in there xxx

  2. Hello elliej, you are my first commentator on the blog!! and thanks so much for the words, really appreciated, love Fran

  3. Hi Fran just sending you some cyber support. Well I remember how horrible this time is - jumping every time the phone rings, checking the phone to see that it's working, bargaining with the Universe, sending out your numbers wishes to the Universe. This is HARD. It's life changing stuff for you and DH. But you are one strong lady. Remind yourself that you have excellent embryos and in the meantime, the embryologists will do what they are expert at, which is growing your embies to lovely blastocysts. This is the worst time; I look forward to your next blog entry when you will have your news to share and these days will be but a memory. Hang in there xxx


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