Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No last minute surprise

Ah well what can you do. Test still negative and this chapter is quickly closing. We have finished all our frosties and we'll have to do a new fresh cycle. Hopefully the clinic won't have too much of a long waiting list, we'll know on the 11th I suppose.

One thing I also want to say here: forums are absolutely fantastics. I have joined a good few of them and I have always found myself at home. And this time again the girls were there for me, their messages are so sincere and real. Even though I only know a handful of them in person. Even though they are cyberfriends. Even tough I may never met them most of them in real life. They are like the shoulder were you can cry without having to pretend that you are strong, they understand. They have been there too. They are encouraging, full of positive stories and suggestions. Elettra has been keeping me company with messages in the last few days and I never exchanged a message with her before. But she was there. And so were all the others. I don't know how I would have survived without you girls. Thanks for being there.

One final thing.
Today I told my mum that we are thinking also about adoption. To tell the truth it's a good while we've been thinking about it and we have gathered a lot of documents already, only a few still missing and then we'll send off the big envelop! My sister is in fact getting documents for me from home and she'll be sending them over here. Anyway, she was absolutely delighted and soooo positive it was just brilliant.
Onwards and upwords!

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