Friday, February 19, 2010

The Fertility Goddess (for others of course!)

Well well well, some of you know this already, I seem to be a very good lucky charm for whoever cycles with me!! It started on my very first cycle, even before I had a blog back in 2008. I was cycling at the same time as two gilrs on a local board, we all got pregnant even if mine wasn't meant to be. On my second fresh cycle last summer I had four cyber-blog-friends within a couple of days of transfer . Again, we all got pregnant, for two of us it wasn't meant to be, one is having a boy and the other two are having twins!
And this time I had two cyber-blog-friends cycling with me, one just announced her pregnancy!! Congratulation tireegal I'll be moving you soon to the "other" list!! The other one, Wishi, is very good and won't test early, but her beta day is on Saturday! I am so confident this is her time!

So, am I a Fertility Goddess for others? But what about me?? Where is my Fertility Goddess?? Would you stop hiding??

I'm selling tickets next time!! And I wonder...can I put in on my CV?

Anyway, this morning I had to test again to confirm the BFN and call the clinic. Done now, it wasn't too bad. And review on tuesday so really not long now.

So there was the need for a good news around here and I got a call from the adoption board!! Can you believe it?? They wanted some final clarifications on MIL kidney transplant (that it wasn't a genetic issue) and also know more about our IVF plans. So I knew they have no problem with IVFers but they want a full commitment from 6 months prior the beginning of the preparation course. Given that they had told us the waiting list was 18-24 months is not like we were under any pressure. I was very honest, their latest file was updated last June so they didn't know about the second ectopic and obviously about this latest failure. I asked what was the current waiting time for the prep course and she said...drums please...12 months from now!!! That's much sooner than expected!! We should get our number within 3 weeks and if not to call her! I mean...she said to call her!! In any case we'll be called six months before the start of the course so that we can resubmit the medicals on fertility treatments and make sure we have a decision then. Holy cow! This means that we'll definitely cycle again in the summer (queue here please, priority boarding first! no pushing... the Fertility Goddess can deal with as many as 50 cyclers!) and we'll see how it goes!

On the puppy front. Thanks so much for all the comments, this definitely convinced us completely! We'll go to the DSPCA tomorrow (thanks C!) and we see what's there. I also already found a daycare for dogs! Although we are not sure yet if i's going to be a dog (or two!) or a cat (or two!!)

Note: Linda if you are reading, drop me an email and I'll tell you more about transfer and ectopic pregnancies, I couldn't find your email address!


  1. Oh wow that's great news on the adoption front. Are you adopting domestically? Newborn? Interesting about all the IF stuff they ask. So far we haven't been asked (other than signing a document with really fine print).

    Have fun getting a pup! Can't wait to see some pics.

    Take care!

  2. Great news about the adoption board! You must be so excited. And yay for a pet. There's nothing like caring for an animal to help that "mothering" gene along. I wish I had known about your special fertility goddess powers back when I was doing my IVF! :-)

  3. That is awesome news about the progress with adoption! I can't wait to see pics of the your new furry friend!

  4. Definitely great news on the adoption front. Things are sounding hopeful!

  5. This is the way I see it: that fertility goddess owes you double. She's been playing it very coy but when she whips out her magic wand at last she may tap you twice - once on the adoption front, once in your next cycle. In approximately 12 months, you may be preparing to have your hands very, very full:)

    And I'm so glad you've decided on a pet! We may have to follow your good example.

  6. just exciting news all around! i say yes you should put Fertility Goddess at the top of your cv, because that is very impressive! so excited for you about the adoption process moving forward, that is just such wonderful news. cannot wait to "meet" your furbaby(ies).

  7. What great news about the adoption stuff. What kind of adoption are you thinking about? Infant? Child?

    Have a great time finding a new pet. My little Em has brought so much joy and fun into our lives.

    My thoughts are with you!

  8. Everyone around me gets pregnant so maybe we have to cycle with each other in order to send our luck for others to each other. It's an idea.
    Wow. What a wait for adoption! I'm glad you got the call.
    I can't wait to see what fur baby you bring home.

  9. Fran, you were definitely my Fertility Goddess! I really wish we could have shared in this journey together.

    I am so excited to hear about all the adoption stuff. I can't believe that it seems like it will take less time than y'all were expecting.

    YAY on getting a puppy (or cat)!! You will be a wonderful fur mom!

  10. Great news about moving forward with the adoption plan. Glad it's happening sooner than you expected.

    I hope you have a wonderful time tomorrow. We had such a great experience with the DSPCA.


  11. I must have been one of your lucky co-cyclers last summer. Thanks, Fran, I totally owe you one! You can use me as a reference on your CV.

    But, cara, although Fertility Goddess may not have shone upon you before, it seems you ARE entering into a lucky period. The adoption people called, the wait is now just 12 months, and they want YOU to call THEM. PLUS you're going to get another cycle in....I think the winds of change are upon you! And I will always be on the sidelines, rooting and cheering for you!


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