Sunday, September 19, 2010

22 weeks and I'm back!

And it's 22. Still amazed to be honest.
The conference-trip away to the Azores was great (food was something else and the views...oh my God...totally recommend it) but feet and ankles were so so swollen but the temperature didn't really allow to wear support socks...I took it as easy as I could and to be honest being away made me a bit nervous. You know all the what ifs...But I had the doppler with me and it was such a reassuring thing! The highlight of the conference was that my student won the best poster award! Woohoo!! So nice for her and for me too!

My belly is growing and I feel the baby moving much more regularly specially since the last few days! And it's a papaya now! Woohoo! But I am a bit more tired (perhaps still from the trip), we were away at the weekend too so a bit more travelling added up...and I'm going to Italy next friday! I promise that's the end of my travelling...and I have a cold as a nice gift from the air plane too...

When I came home on friday last, it was my birthday and Mike surprised me with a totally unexpected gift! Almost two years ago I had gone back to our jeweller with an idea of a ring in mind. We chose the stone and planned the design, but thing and another the ring was never ready when we were in Italy and I kind of gave up on it after a while. Well...the ring magically appeared in Dublin in my kitchen!

I love it! And it's great also I can wear it now, it was planned for my right hand but due to the bit of fluid retention it doesn't quite fit and I am wearing it comfortably on my ring finger which felt very bare since I had to take off the weeding and engagement rings!

I'm also posting another series of belly pictures to humour you a bit (I know you can't wait LOL!) I don't have a weight update as I was away and I religiously take it on Sunday morning after peeing and before breakfast...

What do you think? It seems almost the same to me, I know the pics aren't identical but a part from the fact that the belly feels higher (I could find the heartbeat beside the bellybutton the other day!) it has not projected forward much. We'll see if I have a growth spur in the next while. Oh and I'm starting pregnancy yoga tomorrow!!


  1. The ring is really amazing. Would like to see a photo of it on your finger! It's a really lovely modern design.
    I do think your belly is changing shape, it definitely looks different (more fuller?) than the earlier shots.
    Welcome home, I hope you have some time to take it easy and relax soon.

  2. Welcome back! Beautiful ring. What a nice birthday present. I love the belly pictures!!

  3. So great to hear from you Fran and so glad your trip went well. Belly is looking great!! :-)

  4. You look great!!! I definitely think the belly is changing, not a whole lot bigger, but a different shape.

    Happy Birthday. Great ring.

  5. Very nice b-day gift:) and glad you are able to wear it for now at least

    Also I think Belly this week looks more round and higher up:) My guess is little boy for you....Take care:)

  6. wow - you are a globetrotter! You look great! This is going so fast! 22 weeks - cool!
    How are the kitties?

  7. Beautiful ring!!! And it is more like the belly has started changing shape...

    I have to get better about pics. Standard ones have to start next week, LOL.

    I am jealous of all the travel! Enjoy!!!

  8. Fran, great to have you back! So happy to hear your trip was great and that you managed to enjoy the beautiful Azores (makes me want to travel so bad!!)
    Happy belated birthday wishes girl!! That ring looks beautiful and I am glad it fits perfectly. How sweet of Mike to surprise you like that.
    Thanks for sharing the belly pics, your belly is growing and any day now it'll pop forwards too! Mine did that, one day it was all compact the next it popped out. You wait and see! So happy to hear Elvis is kicking away and that you can feel the movements much easier, they are only going to get stronger now.

  9. I love the ring! How incredibly thoughtful of your hubby and what a great memory!

    Your belly pics are the best and I definatelt see a difference, looks like it shifted up or down (or something) not sure - or maybe elvis is doing flips in there! :)


  10. You look great! And that ring is beautiful!

  11. Hey girl, your tummy is so cute! I remember back when I was 22 weeks and mine was never big enough, I wanted to get big and fast LOL! Anyway how I've missed you. You know I am stateside and not blog reading as I get ready for Superbaby's arrival. But glad I checked in with you and so overjoyed all is well. I love papayas too! xoxoxo

  12. The ring is beautiful! I'm glad you can wear it on your ring finger. So far I haven't had to take my rings off - it's probably due to the blood pressure meds.

    Lovely belly pics. You look higher!

  13. Glad you had a good trip. The ring is lovely - what a thoughtful birthday surprise! Your DH clearly has a good memory (along with clearly infallible taste). And I think your tum DEFINITELY looks bigger:)

  14. You are a traveling fiend! My goodness girl. I guess you had better get it in while its still easy. :)

    The ring is gorgeous. I love that you can at least wear it on your ring finger during your pregnancy. Remember my grandma's ring that I had repaired a while back? I got it sized for my right hand, but also so that I could wear it when I get pregnant again and swell up. Thinking ahead!

    As for the belly, just you wait, as you head into the third trimester, it will grow so fast you won't believe it. The beautiful thing is you can definitely tell you are pregnant now. :)


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