Sunday, September 5, 2010

Half way through! 20 weeks

If someone could have promised me years ago this would have happen one day I think I would have made sure he/she became an official Saint. But you never know. Fears, doubts, tears have been my companions for the last three and half years. Sometimes people who find out about our story think I'm incredibly strong. But I am not that strong at all, I just played with the cards I was given, if I could have changed the game believe me I would not have thought about it twice, f**k being strong! Who cares? And yet I'm here now. I decided to do a proper "point of the situation" so I borrowed the typical questions from another blog and used them as guidelines. Here they go!

How Far Along: 20 weeks
Total Weight Gain: sadly, as of today, I've put on 11kg...this is massive
Maternity Clothes: yes, can't really wear anything else and my wardrobe is quite limited!
Symptoms: I feel very big, though I'm sure I'm not that big, and movements a slow and many seem like an epic achievement (like turning in the bed, or getting up from the floor). My ankles are swollen most of the time and I've started wearing those socks to improve the circulation, they seem to help.
Stretch marks: yes, on my boobs, they just exploded way too fast!
Sleep: I’m sleeping ok-ish, getting up once to pee and then I'm awake for a while, back to sleep and I'm awake around 6.30. Surely the fact that the Dude starts screaming like a seagull around that time doesn't cannot believe it until you see it!
Best Moment of the Week: Feeling a kick on the outside! It happened only once on Thursday night while I was in bed.
I feel movements every day now, but the frequency can be very very different. Some days only a couple of light touches in total, others much more often.
Food cravings: not really anything in particular, but definitely sweet things of all sorts, preferably chocolate based.
Gender: Don't know! We think we may go for a surprise!
What I Miss: Nothing at all, I wouldn't trade this for anything.
What I'm Looking Forward To: Honestly? Having Elvis here with us. Everything in between is a mix of anxiety and what ifs.
Weekly Wisdom: Listen to pregnancy relaxation CDs
Milestones: Half way through the pregnancy! Unbelievable.
Emotions: doing quite ok, but I am more irritable and a bit more emotional than usual. If I feel anxious I take the doppler out and listen to Elvis heartbeat which is now around 150bpm on average.
Upcoming Appointments: Anatomy scan on wednesday followed by blood tests for thyroid functions.

So this is it my readers, me and Elvis! I'll post belly pics at the end of the month (oh by the way, I was not bottomless in the previous ones! But it looks that way for some reason..)
In other news, I almost finished that proposal I mentioned last week, so I hope I'll be a bit more present after tuesday. Still have done nothing on the posters and I'm leaving next sunday for the conference...
Cats are well, Patches is without steroids now but back on the thyroxine, we just could not keep him off the meds, he was well for 5 days like I wrote last week but then he started getting worse, so we agreed that we do't care about the accuracy of the test, for us the value was so low that it's unlikely it was skewed by the meds or other illnesses.
Today there is the All Ireland Hurling Final and Mike is going to see the match, I'll be watching it from the couch! Come on the Cats!


  1. wow 20 weeks already!! Time is flying and before you know it you will fell Elvis' kicks and movements on a regular basis...what an amazing feeling! Congrats on your first official "update" on your pregnancy!! I know what you mean about not missing anything.. pregnancy is too amazing for words isn't it?? enjoy the hurling (Googling as we speak as I have no idea what that is!?)

  2. Dont stress about the weight, Im also up 10kgs and I try and eat as healthy as I can. So happy that all is going so well for you and Elvis!!

  3. OMG - 20 weeks! That is such a big milestone! :) good luck with the anatomy scan!

    Don't worry about the weight... As long as you are eating healthy and the babe is doing well. Sometimes its difficult to gain more weight later on in the PG, so its good to have gained majority of it in the beggining.

  4. I am so thrilled for you. You made me smile - F**K being strong. :-) I agree!! Some days I think I would rather be weak and have everything I want with no trials.

  5. Just checked in for the first time in months. So so happy for you darling. Keep the good news rolling in xx

  6. SO happy for you! :) Happy 20 weeks!

  7. I'm so glad you are at 20 weeks Fran. Whew time flies. Good luck with everything this week and just take it slow and easy. Enjoy each and every moment.

  8. Happy halfway!!! So exciting :) I can't wait to see belly pics :)

  9. Your little bun is halfway baked. Eeeey:) I can't believe how far along you are. It was just yesterday when we were cheering for your little Penguin:)
    I am so very excited and happy for your milestone!

  10. YAY for 20 weeks!! It feels great, doesn't it?!?!

  11. Woohoo for 20 weeks! Can't wait to hear about the anatomy scan.

  12. Elvis is half-baked!!! WooHoo!!!!! Hope the anatomy scan goes smoothly!

  13. I was thinking about you tonight and the fact that you were 20 weeks along. Then I started to panic and wonder if I missed "The Big Reveal." Then I remembered you thought you were going to wait until the baby is born to find out what you're having. lol I am so scatter brained lately.

    So glad you are almost done with everything for school. Get your poster done and get it behind you! ;)

  14. I am glad you and your little cantelope are doing well. that must've been an awesome feeling to feel him kicking.

    I am so happy for you.

  15. A huge congratulations on 20 weeks!! Woo-hoo!

  16. My guess is that those 11 kilos are just making you pleasingly, pregnantly plump:) I'm so glad you and Elvis are here, though I can imagine you're anxious for him to actually be HERE, in your arms, which will mean an end to the what ifs.

    Halfway, Fran!! (And if you find that Pregnancy Predicting Saint, send him/her my way:)

  17. 20 Weeks...Yeah!!! Half way there:) You def do not look as if you gained that amt of weight...I think you need a new scale...Reading your posts lets me know what I have in store for the next few weeks:) I cant wait to feel a flutter or two hope in next couple of weeks:)I cant wait to see your new pic and hopefully pics of Elvis:)

  18. Wow, 20 wks! That is awesome. I bet feeling the baby kick is amazing.

  19. Thank you for all the little tidbits of news at 20 weeks...I LOVED reading this! I totally craved sweets during my pregnancy too. I couldn't get my fill of candy, it seemed. I love your "best moment" - feeling movement externally. It's so awesome when you can see your belly roll and bump! Congratulations on reaching the half-way mark!


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