Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A couple of Braxton Hicks

Thanks so much for your comments on the ring and the belly! Mike was very proud of himself!

So with all the travelling that happened last week, I had noticed that my belly became tight at times. Not painful at all, just rock hard. It would go away within a minute or so and it was worse if I was in bed belly-up. Then I came home and it happened a couple more times. I also sometimes experience a stabbing sensation in my whoo-haa, nothing breathtaking and it lasts just a second or so. Plus my tail bone seems sore. And my tummy is acting up a bit (in the sense that some days I don't go at all, others I have to run to the toilet!). Mmmh. You know I have the fear of pre-term labour and incompetent cervix so....I kind of started wondering...

What's normal and what isn't?

To be totally honest, I wasn't particularly concerned, but then I'm travelling again this friday and certainly I don't want to underestimate something that may be important. On monday I called the hospital and spoke with a midwife, told her all my symptoms to see what she thought. She said "Nothing to worry about, these are Braxton-Hicks, perfectly normal". Really? At 22 weeks? Somehow I thought they would start further on, like...30 weeks or so. She also said "The stabbing sensation is your pelvis stretching and the same is valid for the tail-bone which is readjusting" Are you serious? At 22 weeks?? Maybe. Surely I checked my book and the ever faithful Dr. Google and all I'm experiencing does in fact appear to be normal from 20 weeks onwards. I'd like this to be spelt out in every corner of the World so that anxious pregnant women don't get too stressed out. For extra reassurance I also called my OB who was extremely nice as always and he too reassured me it was all normal. Right so, I'm convinced, it's normal.

Still I'm going to have an ultrasound and proper cervical length measured by the family friend OB/gyn on friday afternoon as soon as I arrive home....

If I'll ever be pregnant again I have to believe I'll be more relaxed, time flies only when you are enjoying it right?


  1. I'm so glad you're describing all the weird pains and sensations you're experiencing. Hopefully that way I can exhale when this starts happening to me... I'm in full-blown panic mode for a couple of minutes with every little change :( Going in on Friday to check that cervix, keep telling it to stay long and closed!

    Forgot to mention on your previous post that both you and the ring look AMAZING!

  2. Don't worry. I started noticing Braxton-Hicks at 17 weeks. I thought it was early, too, but not so. They apparently start very early in the pregnancy - like 8 weeks - but you don't start feeling them until later on. One of the doctors I had described them as a balling up of the uterus. They don't generally hurt. They might feel crampy, though, the closer you come to the end of your pregnancy.

  3. Good on you for consulting your hospital and your OB too, you can never be too careful and it's always better to make sure everything is ok.

    So jealous you are going to Italy... I haven't been back since June of 2009 and I miss being back. Make sure you indulge in everything you have missed and make the most of your time there!

  4. Like you, I thought you couldn't get Braxton Hicks until much later. Thanks for sharing the symptoms. If I have to go through it, I won't be so freaked out when the symptoms hit. Good luck with your appt on Friday!

  5. I can't really help in this area, but from what I have learned from my SIL, this seems pretty normal. I can't believe how far along you seems like just yesterday that you got the BFP.

    (((GIANT HUGS)))

  6. I have had round ligament pain and sciatic and before 9 I get it. Really? This early? Glad you got some reassurance :)

  7. I had braxton hicks around that time too. Mine were always full belly, which was weird.

    It is always amazing to be on the pregnant end of symptoms and realize what pregnant women every where go through on a regular basis, isn't it? I never knew there was so much to pregnancy until I was pregnant.

  8. Thanks for describing this! I have been paranoid that I would get it and not know it! Or freak out and run to the ER for nothing.

  9. It all sounds pretty normal to me!

    Being PG and bloated/constipated is no fun. My suggestion is to pick up some fiber supplements - in the U.S. we have these yummy fiber "gummies" that are like candy.. I pop a few each day. This is in addition to drinking a lot of water, eating fruit, whole-grain bread, and other good stuff. Take care! -M

  10. Oh Fran, you're so getting into territory that I know nothing about but I have to say that I would have wanted reassurance from all of my medical providers that everything was ok too. I imagine it is strange to be pregnant and in unknown territory. We infertiles like to be informed!
    So pleased everything is completely normal. Long may that last.

  11. I just started having Braxton Hicks too, at 23 weeks. Good luck on Friday!

  12. Ah, yes the Braxton hicks...annoying but perfectly normal.

    Enjoy your trip to Italy.

    It makes my heart smile to see your updates!

  13. Yep, BH are totally normal at this point in the pregnancy. I know a woman who had them starting at 16 weeks. You sound like you're doing really well and it sounds like as you move along with this pregnancy that you are actually allowing yourself to relax. I hope you are really enjoying your pregnancy!


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