Friday, September 24, 2010

A quick one

I wanted to update on my "peace of mind" visit to the family friend OB/gyn today just a few hours after landing in my home town!
He basically did a full scan to the depth of the anatomy scan! Mom was there too and I think she was so so happy and impressed with all the modern technology and all that you can see. Elvis is growing perfectly, every measure is just as it should be! His estimated weight is now 591 grams! And while the OB was very happy with Elvis's weight gain he gave me a little lesson about mine...he said I really should pace myself or I may have some problems in the last trimester... boohooo right so, I'll do my best.
He also measured by doppler the blood-flow to the uterus (in Ireland nobody ever checked, I didn't even know it was a parameter to look at!) and it's also perfectly in the range.
The placenta is still low but it looked a bit higher to me, he also was not concerned and just said to have it checked it again in a few weeks.
Finally I really wanted him to check my cervix (in fact that was the main thing I wanted to have checked!), but in the office where we were today the machine didn't have a transvaginal wand (just my luck!) so he offered to do an internal exam and get a feel for the cervix. I jumped at the oportunity as I mentioned before in Ireland this is never done. Anyway, all looks good at the manual exam, no obvious shortening and certainly it's tight close. From the external scan there didn't seem to be any funneling and the baby is high and not sitting on it, so he reassured me as much as he could and this will have to do! (of course if I could write down we had a measure for the cervix...)


  1. Yay for healthy baby :) glad to hear all is well and doing what it should. I myself am wondering if I will get yelled at about weight's early, but still...anywya, WONDERFUL NEWS!!!!

  2. I am glad that you have peace of mind. I am sure you didn't mind one bit seeing the baby on the ultrasound again either. It is so great that your mom was able to go with you.

  3. You're so lucky to have à friend with a magic machine!! So happy to hear all is well :)

  4. I'm glad your friend/dr. was able to do a thorough check for you. I bet it was really special to have your Mom with you.

    Fabulous news that everything is as it should be!

  5. Glad to know all is going well! It's so great to have a OBGYN friend! :)

  6. Every bit so reassuring! You must have a perfect little Elvis in there, doing everything by the book! Will you post another belly pic soon? As far as weight gain, well, I don'tknow how much you've gained, but I ended up nearly 40 pounds gained by the time of my C-section. I've now lost all of it, plus some! As long as you are not unhealthy, ENJOY the pregnancy...including some eating you might not otherwise indulge in. There will be plenty of time for dieting later.

    Fran, every time I read one of your posts, and "hear" the joy in your cyber-voice, I feel so much happiness for you. At last, at last, it IS your turn!

  7. So great that everything looked you know a family friend will really really look at things very close because they have more of a connection with you:) Happy to hear the cervix is good too!!!! Always a comfort to hear positive far as weight I think you look great:)


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