Sunday, October 31, 2010

Milestone three: 28 weeks. A trip to L&D and moving out!

These past few days have been full of excitement. Our stroller system and Stokke Sleepi combo arrived on Thursday and we love it!! We only assembled the stroller as it's neater to keep the cot in the box with all the works that will be going on. Here's what it looks like (and don't look at the mess around the place, we are packing!! The Dude is also very interested....)

Then, I woke up on Saturday feeling very dizzy. Never happened during the pregnancy but I did suffer of this occasionally in the past. Not sure what it is, sounds like vertigo of course, but it solves itself in a couple of days max. Anyway, we are packing and moving things around the house as our Attic project will start tomorrow and we are moving out today. I couldn't do much at all but Mike is just brilliant. In the afternoon after coming back from shopping I went to the bathroom and found my knickers were stained. Damn. Not much of course, and light in colour. But still. And I had been dizzy all day. So I remember the ultrasound tech said it could happen, to stay calm and get checked out. This is the conversation between me and Mike that took place.

Me: "Mike, I'm spotting a bit"
Mike: "Oh...I think it's ok"
Me: "... I want to go to the Maternity Hospital just in case"
Mike: "Do you want to give them a call?"
Me: "No! I WANT to go there"
Mike: "Ok so"
And off we went. I could feel Elvis moving, so I knew he was ok, I was thinking mostly it could be my mucous plug and kept repeating to myself we are 28 weeks already, it's going to be ok even if Elvis will arrive early. I had no contractions, but then you know the way your mind play games so I started feeling tightening in my back but nothing major.
When we checked in, I told the receptionist I was 28 weeks, with low placenta and mild spotting. She made a quick phone call and said to us "Ok, better not go to casualties, we go directly to the Delivery ward" both Mike and I nearly passed out!! She quickly explained that it was just a precaution and that they had all the equipment up there to check me out properly.
All was well, Elvis HB was checked by a midwife (140bpm), my blood pressure was a bit low (100/60) but there was no reason of real concern. The doctor came along (incidentally the same doctor that admitted me with the ectopic last year..) and gave me a scan which showed that the majority of the placenta is now high and I only have a little "tale" which is still low. No sign of detachment, plenty of fluid and Evis moving around. He didn't do an internal and said minor spotting can be perfectly normal but to go back if I had bleeding of course. While I was getting dressed we heard from the room next to us a baby crying and lots of cheers and the words "We are having a boy!!" Oh my God, I really think Elvis is a boy now!! Interestingly we heard no screaming beforehand, only a baby heartbeat being monitored. If that's the way it's going to be it doesn't sound too bad at all!
Right so, back home we went.

And today is really 28 weeks! No weight gain and nothing much to report. Sleeping is still on and off and I'm getting a bit more tired. Eating well and drinking plenty of fluids. Thanks to all of you for the reassurance on the movements, I'm definitely more relaxed now (and considering this is going to be an even week my positivity should spike!). I have a dense week ahead, teaching, talking at a conference on thursday, meetings of all should go by quite quickly (I hope!). Checking out for now, we are taking pics of the attic as is now and we'll do so as the works go on, can't wait to have it finished!!


  1. Oh! What a scare! I am so glad everything is okay with you and Elvis :) An extra checkup never hurts. I can't wait to see attic pictures!

  2. I love that your husband just gets you to the hospital fast so that you can make sure all is well. It's great to have such unwavering support right when you need it! You said that your placenta was now high - I wonder if there is any sort of bleeding that is caused when it grows into new space that would account for bits of normal spotting here and there?

  3. I am sorry about the scare! I am so glad you could be seen by the doctors and got re-assuring news. Hopefully, everything settles, the spotting stops and you can relax again!

    Yay! for passing 28 weeks:)

  4. What a scare but glad things are OK:) Im sure most women mak at last 1 trip to the hospital in their Prego State so hopefully this is it for you and next time you will be there is when you deliver your bundle of joy:)

  5. I'm glad Elvis is okay and the spotting turned out to be nothing. congratulations on 28 weeks! Hugs!

  6. Thank goodness all is ok! That must have been scary.

    Happy 7 months!!!

  7. Very scary about the dizziness and spotting, but I'm very glad both you and Elvis are ok!!! Good luck with the attic!

  8. I am glad that you and Elvis are doing well! I love the stroller...looks very comfy.

  9. I love the pram system! I looks so cute. Just think, in a few short months Elvis will put it to good use. Until then I am sure The Dude will put it to good use. "For me?! Oh you shouldn't have. I'll just snuggle in then. Thanks!"

    I wonder what the spotting was from? It would concern me too. I am glad that everything checked out okay though, I think Elvis is a boy. Are you taking bets on that? ;)

    Good luck this week with the move and all. Props to Mike for picking up the slack!

  10. Even though you could feel Elvis moving and the spotting was light, of COURSE you did the right thing going to the hospital to have it checked out. Why take a chance? And such good news that your placenta is finally moving up and everything about Elvis looked great. Interestingly odd experience hearing the baby in the next room suddenly cry. You know I'm rooting for a boy! 28 weeks and counting!

  11. Phew, that must've been scary. It had my heart racing! So happy things are well in Graceland and that the placenta is behaving.

    I'm thinking Elvis is a girl... but hoping it's a boy! I'm totally biased now though :)

    Lots of love!

  12. So glad, dear Fran, that it all ended up okay. And glad that the placenta has moved. I think going in and checking things out is exactly the thing to do, and I'm glad that little Elvis is doing so well.

    The stroller is beautiful:)

  13. OHMYGOODNESS, I can't believe you're 28 weeks already! Good for you for staying calm in the face of unusualness - well done! And I adore your new baby gear - good choices! Thinking of you often.

  14. I'm glad your scare was nothing more than that, a scare and everything looks good.

    Happy 28 weeks!

  15. I'm so glad everything is okay! I have been so busy that I haven't had time to catch up on blogs. I hope Elvis stays snuggled in there until closer to due date!!


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