Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Torticollis and other updates

Yesterday was the last day of the baby massage course. We did back massages and all the babies were in their tummies. Oliver hates it so even though I try every day to do some tummy time it's a struggle. Every other baby in the class was holding up the head like nobody's business. My little one was flat on the mat chewing his hand. Ok the others are a bit older but there was also the baby who was born just a day earlier also lifting his head (not as high as the others admittedly). Of course I know that we shouldn't compare, Oliver was 3 weeks premature, but this is in addition to the fact that I noticed he tends to keep his head always to one side. He sleeps with the head to right, sits in his rocking chair looking to his right (it doesn't matter much if we are on the other side, he may turn his eyes but not his head) etc. This is surely worsen by the fact that Mike and I are both right-handed so when we change/feed him it always happens that we are to his right. When he's upright he has a great head control, since he was just a few days old, so it's not like he has no strength. Anyway, his head is also getting a bit flat on the side in question and I decided to make an appointment with the paed suspecting torticollis. And sure enough...He said that it's very mild but gave me a couple of exercises to do to lengthen the muscle to the right of his neck. At the 12 weeks appointment we'll see if it's improving. Early intervention is the absolute best even though generally by the time they sit up it will correct itself in most cases. He also weighed Oliver and my little Buddha is just shy of 5 kg (4.96 kg to be exact!) and doing very well with everything else. He's very alert and smiley! His belly-button is still out as there is a small hernia (extremely common if the baby was a but early) but it will go in with time.

In other news, last friday I went into work because one of my students was defending her PhD thesis (she did great!) and so Mike was in charge of the precious bundle...we all did very well I'm proud to say!

My anxiety also seems to be subsiding, aided by the uplifting effect that the good weather inevitably has, and I look forward to my trip to Italy on friday! Oh and I started watching "How I met your mother" which is hilarious and just what the doctor ordered eheh

Finally I'm so happy for fellow bloggers who are now pregnant after a long journey, your fears and nightmares are normal (here's the expert talking!) try and enjoy this part if you can but, even if you don't, don't be too hard on yourself, we've been through hell (a few times may I add), it's only normal to dread possible bad news because for us that's the way it's been most of the time. That is what was normal. Hugs to all of you.
My dream is to have all those currently in my "We can do it!" blog-list moved into the other two categories, I'm confident that one by one (or two by two!) we'll all be at this side of the fence. One way or another.


  1. 2 of mine had tort. too. Both had early physical therapy and both (one is 8 and the other 1) show no signs of it.

    My 34 weeker also has an outie belly button (still). It did go down a bit, but it's still out.

    I {heart} your baby updates!

  2. My Dad has spasmodic torticollis. If this is something that O has, early intervention is key... On a note, though, Maya had an issue when she was much younger where she favored one side. When we realized that things were constantly on that side, we started changing things up. It corrected itself in a week. No issue since, thank God. And Bobby has an outie! He too had a hermia that fixed itself but that little belly button is still adorable!

  3. The torticollis excercises work really well. Paige had a mild case and it has completely cleared up! So glad that little Oliver is growing and doing so well!

  4. Reading the other's comments, I had no idea torticollis was so common. Good for you for being on top of it and getting Oliver seen and treated. And hurray for Daddy Mike for doing such a good job with baby care while you were at work! I remember the first time I left my baby home with Daddy (for all of 1.75 hours) and I CRIED. I hope you are feeling are doing a GREAT job!

  5. Oh Fran, it's great to know that you are out here and to hear about Oliver. I know how common torticollis is and have seen loads of very normal kids who were corrected with that treatment.

    I can imagine how great it was to walk back into work for a bit with the feeling of your family at home. As worried as you were about being solo!

    I look forward to hearing about your family time in Italy and hope you guys have a nice sunny time on your trip.

  6. Nice job identifying the torticollis! You're such a good mom!!! I've heard from others that it's pretty easy to correct, so that's good.

    And you're such a sweetheart. Thanks for the amazing comment - love having you in my corner!

  7. Those are very wise words, Fran. It's so hard (as you know), but it's important to keep in mind that the way things were in the past does not mean they'll be that way always.

    I'm glad Oliver is thriving and it sounds like you caught the torticollis very, very early, which sounds like a good thing. And well done to Mike for flying solo for awhile!

  8. I want to thank you sooo much for your oh, so kind comments on my freak out posts as of late. It's been an emotional time, and your support means so much to me!

    I'm glad you've caught the tort early! And that otherwise he is looking great :)

  9. Never underestimate a mother's instincts. It is great that you noticed Oliver always keeping his head to the right. You'll have it fixed in no time.

    I tried to do baby massage with BB, but it always seemed to make her mad, so I quit. She doesn't know what she's missing! There is nothing like a good massage.

    Have a wonderful time in Ital! I am so envious of all your travels.


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