Monday, April 11, 2011

Oliver, Attic and Shopping spree!

Oliver was 14 weeks on Saturday and is more and more interactive! The other morning he was looking at his right hand with great interest...moving it closer to his face, then farther away, then moving the little fingers! It was really cute! No interest in the left one though and it didn't really happened again.'s progress! Tummy time is going a little better, lifting the head is no longer a struggle (not really enjoying though) and toys are much more interesting. The wooden mobile on his crib is just the best thing ever and doesn't seem to be getting tired of it at all. Sleeping has never really been an issue with him and it's getting even better. We feed him around 8pm and then we put him to bed (awake) around 9. He puts himself to sleep! We feed him again around 11.30 and then sleeps till morning. Two nights ago, we skipped the last feed as he was sleeping really soundly and he didn't wake up in the middle of the night! babies do, last night we had to feed him again at 11.30. Thing is hungrier than ever and during the day I often have to add anther 30 mL to the 210 he's taking! So we are getting ready to give him something more...I know guidelines recommend no solids before 17 weeks (and the paed said to start then) but I'm of the opinion that a little spoon baby rice is not going to do him any harm. He's already on the "hungry baby" variety of formula (since he was around 8 weeks I think) and we mix that with a low lactose prep but we are reducing this significantly as it's not half as filling.
Anyway, I'll hold off certainly till the end of the week and effectively I'm planning not to give him any other type of solids before 17 weeks. Somewhat of a compromise.

The Attic saga is still not over. Mike met with the builder and architect and came to a satisfactory agreement over the items we weren't happy with. So he's coming back to try and fix whatever he has to fix and we obviously cannot put down the wooden floor till then. Let's hope we'll have it sorted by the end of the see, my mom and sister have kindly offered to come up in September (two weeks each) so that we can delay putting Oliver in the creche till October. So if we have the house finished everyone will have more space and independence.

And shopping. Oh my God it's so so fun shopping for baby stuff. As you may remember, I didn't buy anything while I was pregnant for the fear of jinxing the miracle (totally stupid but I can't turn back the clock) so we have lots of little things to get. I bought today a high-chair! And a weaning book with recipes till toddler age! Plus two boxes of organic baby rice, spoons and a bowl with a suction device at the bottom. And Mike ordered a car seat as Oliver is growing out already of the bassinet we were kindly given for his car. Tomorrow we are also getting our hands on the camcorder Mike ordered from the States and I can't wait to make a video diary of Oliver's progress!


  1. Little Oliver is growing so much! How exciting to hear about all these milestones. And I love hearing about all your purchases - how fun!

  2. Sounds like everything is just hopping on around there. Yeah!!

    P.S. Your NPH comment on my ignorance blog cracked me up!

  3. I am so glad to hear you are buying stuff! Yay for a growing boy :-)

  4. I can't believe how quickly he is growing. It seems like just yesterday he was born. It all goes way too fast.

    I can't wait to see the attic pictures!

  5. What a wonderful little guy you have...sleeping virtually through the night! Not that you asked, but when we began feeding Scout solids, our Gastro doc said we should begin with orange and yellow vegetables because they have the lowest rate of creating allergies (even less than baby cereal). So Scout got a lot of sweet potato in those days!

    Yay for shopping! Sounds like you got some fun things and I hope you'll post some short video clips after you get the camera.

  6. Oh he is growing up so fast...time is flying!

  7. So glad he's growing strong. It sounds like he's flourishing, and I will keep fingers crossed that your attic gets fixed quickly, and well before the end of the summer so that when your mother and sister come you can all be comfortable. It's great that you'll be able to delay creche a little bit.

    And he sounds like a DREAM of a sleeper. Good (and long may it continue).


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