Monday, April 4, 2011

Twitter and Modern Family

Oh boy...isn't Twitter addictive?? Very much so! Funnily enough I have the impression than when celebs tweet (ok....ok... you got me...I only really mean ONE celeb ah!) it's as if they actually talk to me! Somehow it makes them more like "normal" people. I had a very nice conversation with The Ultimate Vet Hero who's now become a very good friend, she is from Cali and definitely much more into showbiz than me and she said how strange it is to imagine that actors are in fact real people, with friends and things to do. Granted their friends are likely to be other celebrities, but sure they must have also non-celeb friends from their pre-celeb life right?

Anyway, I decided to use Twitter also for Ectopic Pregancy Ireland. It has been a great success, all the Irish radio stations I have contacted have retweeted my message and this has generated a nice cascade of retweets! Hopefully we'll be able to reach out even further!
I'm still not very skilled with Twitter, just know the basics, but for now that's all I need!

Thank you for all your suggestions on what to watch while waiting for new episodes of HIMYM. To get another Neil Patrick Harris fix I had a look at Doogie Howser MD. It was never aired in Italy so it was new to me. Well. I watched the first episode (in fact the first few mins) and no no no no, he's way too young there!! Cute maybe, but not my style! Never liked younger guys, may never be a cougar LOL! So I skipped to the last episode of the show....mmhh still not transitioned from cute to hot... and still too young!
I'll just have to wait I suppose! On this topic, my friend Valery pointed me in the direction of another blogger who very recently had posted on her blog about "Secret Celebrity Boyfriend" I truly recommend the post as it's hilarious and made me think I want to do a similar one soon!
In the quest for another sit-com, I had watched a good few episodes of The Big Bang Theory, but it's not so much my cup of tea, so I started watching Modern Family and I love it!! Took a while to get used to the hand-held shooting style which generally I don't like, but now I'm on a binge!

Finally a quick update on the attic. We have cleared the area (put away all the boxes into storage space under the roof) and we are ready to put the floor down. If it wasn't for the fact that we noticed the underfloor is extremely uneven in one meeting with the architect and builder this week...


  1. Do you watch Glee? I don't really, but sometimes hear about guest appearances to see...such as NPH! Look it up on YouTube - he does Aerosmith and it is bloody awesome!

  2. I love Modern Family! Also keep an eye out for Cougar Town.

  3. How fun! I love how you're perusing old TV... And I have yet to jump on the Tweeter bandwagon - you're much more hip than me!

  4. Cool - I'm now following you on Twitter!

    Yeah, he was really young as Doogie Houser. Check out Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog. It's definitely different...

  5. I love Modern Family!!! So awesome! We just seem to have the same taste in shows except Grey's. I still haven't seen an episode of it yet. Part of me is afraid I will have to watch it if I give in to one episode.

  6. See if you can find "Stark Raving Mad" online. I still wish it had not been cancelled after only one season, and NPH was hilarious. It was 1999-2000, so he was definitely old enough to crush on.

  7. Your reaction to Doogie is funny -- I watched it when it was on, and he was older than I was, so there was nothing weird about having a crush on him. Not that he was my type -- too small for my liking.

    But he has definitely gotten cuter as an adult.

  8. We love Modern Family, too! It's so well written and acted. We find it very refreshing, indeed. Glad you found it, too!

  9. Hey, Lady!!! You have to get Gavin and Stacy, the boxed set!!!
    It is the best!!!! Ever!!!
    It's a little hard to understand the accents but hang in there - it's so funny, sweet, endearing and the writing and acting is superb!!!!
    If you want real drama try the L word - yes it's about lesbians but the drama and stories are great!!! And hey, lesbians are cool anyway ( takes one to know that!)

  10. He was really young on Doogie Howser :) But of course, I was only 11 then as well. *swoon* haha

  11. Good on you for twittering! Sounds like it's helping to get the word out, and I'm impressed.

    Modern Family is wonderful.

  12. I love big bang and Modern family! And when I was way younger, I was in love with Doogie Houser!

  13. Hi Fran
    Gosh, its been so long since I visited you, I'm so sorry. Thank you so much for your recent comment about not putting too much emphasis on what embryos look like, I really appreciate it.

    Oliver looks adorable, you seem to be settling into motherhood like a pro. I can't believe he's 3 months old already. Where the hell have I been?



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