Thursday, March 31, 2011

3 months check up and "Other Insanities"!

Oliver is ging to be 3 months tomorrow!! AAwwwwhhhhh!!! So we went for our 12 weeks check (or closer to 13 weeks check!) today. He weighs 6.2 kg and is 61cm long! He's growing very well and everything looks good! His head control is very good, he's alert and smiling to anyone who smiles at him! The torticollis is improved significantly and even the flatness on the head is of no concern at all as it's minimal and will definitely resolve itself. The little belly button is also improving (there was a little hernia which is reducing spontaneously) and the paed was delighted.

I asked a few questions:

He's a very hungry baby. He would feed 210 ml (7 oz) 4 times a day and around another 150 ml in his sleep (we feed him around 11.30 pm and he doesn't really wake up). She said "Wow!". So I've been given the go ahead to start introducing some solids in 6 weeks time (recommended time would be 6 months but there's no way we get that far). Exciting times ahead! She also doesn't think the night grunting is hunger (we never pick him up, I just caress him and give him his soother) but that maybe he's picked up a bit of a habit which hopefully won't last much longer.

We had that one incident where the AngelCare alarm went off for the first warning (15 sec no movement). She said as it was a single event there's nothing to worry about, 15 sec of no movement is at the high end of normal for a baby and unless it happens a few more time she believes it's not a problem. She was great and explained all the types of apnoeas and has excluded Oliver has any of those. He's heart and lungs checked out perfectly which is reassuring.

It is ok to delay the 4 month vaccination for a couple of weeks (we are going to Italy wohoohoo!!).

In the spot where he got the vaccine the last time there is a little lump (which is already much smaller). Again totally normal, and I knew it was normal but my mom insisted I asked! So there you go.

So that's it for my little man! Next check will be at 6 months.

And I'm planning my summer holidays for 2012. California here we come!! So cyber friends out there, if you would like to meet up I'd be only delighted! We are thinking of June, 3 weeks. Details to be ironed out but it's a very real possibility. So...did I not say I wanted to have another go at ICSI in September? Still planning to do so, but to freeze and give Oliver the time he deserves with mommy and daddy all for himself.

And how am I doing on my crush on Neil Patrick Harris? Well...maybe a bit posters on the wall or anything like it LOL! But still looking forward to the next episode of HIMYM (of course I've already watched all the interviews I found, bloopers, the Glee episode in which he acted and all his tweets....ok, still at the deep end...). Meanwhile I'm watching The Big Bang Theory but not enjoying it as much.

This weekend is going to be dedicated to the attic. Yeah I know...still not finished... But really, this weekend has to be the one!


  1. Oliver is doing wonderfully!!!

    I've liked Neil Patick Harris since Doogie Houser MD!

  2. You are so cute with your crush! Does Oliver get to watch too? He sounds like he is doing so well! And you too! Yay!

  3. Great going Oliver!

    And you... are already planning summer 2012 vacation?!? Good for you! We can't seem to figure out a simple weekend long get away!!

  4. 3 months!! Yeah!

    I'm on the opposite side of the country from Cali but have fun.

    I love HIMYM and Neil!!! I always knew you had good taste.

  5. Wait? You're on the Twitter? I LOVE The Twitter...Following you now.

    bwaahahahahha (that's my diabolical "let's take over the world" laugh!

    Heather (

  6. You should watch Doogie Howser, MD :) I used to LOVE NPH when I was young and I watched that show all the time. I can hear the theme song now... haha

    Glad to hear Oliver is doing well!

  7. So glad your little man is doing well (and especially glad to hear that about the 15 seconds being, a) an isolated occurrence, and b) nothing to worry about).

    And I think your plan about doing a cycle, and freezing, makes a lot of sense. You get the best of both worlds - time is on your side as far as those eggies, and you get the time with Oliver.

    So glad to hear all is going well, Fran.

  8. Nothing like a nice, reassuring trip to the doctor's office! Be sure you have your camera handy when you first feed Oliver solids. It's such a surprise for them! Okay...Califoria 2012! Be sure to set a day or 2 aside for me and we'll make plans!

  9. have a good eater on your hands :)


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