Saturday, May 28, 2011

21 weeks, the nursery and Carlito

Thank you all so so much for the outpour of love on my last post. Some of you were following me last year when we got the kittens so I truly appreciate every comment. You are amazing.

Oliver today is 21 weeks! Doing very well and I thought I'd post a couple of pics of the tiny nursery where he'll stay till he goes into the big boys room sometime in the future.

The Stokke sleepi bed and the corner of the changing table

A close up of the wall decorations and the wooden mobile

A shot of the other side with Oliver on the changing table and the cloth nappy covers!

It's been a week since Oliver started sleeping in his room and we couldn't be happier. Everyone is getting much more sleep. We bring him into our bed in the morning sometimes for a cuddle and he loves it!
Our room is now back to ourselves and the cats. Patches slept with us his last night (we didn't know it was his last night but it's nice to know he had lots of cuddles) and since then the Dude is spending the nights on our bed. We didn't allow the cats to sleep with us when Oliver was there too, I still wouldn't feel comfortable with them jumping in his crib while he's inside.

Finally, I mentioned we had adopted a new kitten from the vet clinic and he's with us since yesterday. We called him Carlito after much debate but now it fits him perfectly. He's about 5 weeks old but he's so active and playful, yet very well behaved and cuddly we are all very happy. Except the Dude who is still keeping his distance. It went this way. The Dude saw Carlito and went near him to smell him. Carlito hissed and made himself as big as possible (which means about the size of a Dude's paw!), the Dude took it badly and has hissed at him since. But then he runs away, never lifted a paw, so Carlito now knows he's a gentle giant and just want to play with him. The Dude acts like he's afraid of him and went on a hunger strike for 24 hours (back to eating this evening even though in a different room to minimise the stress). He's now quite happily in the same room (the kitchen) as Carlito but never gets too close. Carlito on the other hand is trying his best to get as close to the Dude as possible! Hopefully they'll be friends soon, I know the Dude has space in his heart for another friend. Once the loss of Patches is accepted.

Carlito 27th of May 2011, about 5 weeks old


  1. Fran, your nursery is just gorgeous! Where did you find those lovely butterflies for the wall?!

    And Carlito? A true cutie -- I'm sure The Dude will warm up to him in no time!

    Love to you all!

  2. Love the nursery! It's so cute and bright.

    Carlito is adorable! Congrats on your new family member.

  3. yay for butterflies and that gorgeous rounded bed. You realise you have to do weekly kitten pictures now as well as baby pictures?
    Does Carlito sleep through the night? :-)

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about Patches, I'm sure his time with you was wonderful for all of you but that he's now free from pain.

    Your new little purr-baby is adorable!

    The nursery is so stylish, love the stokke :)

  5. I love that crib!!! Now, that I've started looking for one I am going to check that one out. Great job with the nursery.

    I'm sure soon they will be the bestest of buddies. Saphron hated Othello when we first brought him home. She occasionally shows resent but mostly loves him.

    I hope the word veri being off works. I had to couple it with no anonymous users and now get no spam.

  6. Carlito! That's a lovely name.

    Dude must also have been very comfy with Patches, so the new kitten must be 'alien' to him. I do hope that they will eventually love each other.

    Oliver's nursery is beautiful.

  7. He's adorable! Dude will get used to him eventually. For some reason, my cats had a tougher time getting used to kittens than other full-grown cats. I assume it's the kittens' energy. The established cats don't know what to make of them.

  8. Carlito is so very cute! Love the name - it's what some of the hubs friends call him (his name is Carl...). The Dude will warm up to him, you have to give him some time.

    I love the nursery - it's gorgeous! And wonderful news that everyone is sleeping better now that Oliver is in his own room. He's growing up so fast!!!

  9. I'm sorry to hear about Patches!
    I love the nursery, especially Oliver on the changing table. :)
    Your fur-baby is precious too!


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