Saturday, July 16, 2011

6 months check-up and 28 weeks!

We have nicely settled back into our routine and Oliver is doing very well. No particular reaction to the vaccines (the 4 months shots were definitely worse) and we had a nice weekend.
Some more work was done to the attic (yes I know, still not finished!) and we changed all the windows too to triple glazed, high efficiency ones.
AF also made her appearance over the weekend and I hope to be back on track for September.

During the week I brought Oliver to the paed for a routine 6 month check up and he did very well. He's growing in weight (8kg!) and hight (67cm) which according to online calculators means he's between the 25 and 50 percentile so I'm very happy with that as he's on track, in fact probably getting closer to the 50%. Paed was very happy with developmental progress and said he can now eat everything he likes including eggs and meat. Nice!

I think he's getting much stronger in his upper body and can sit almost by himself (still needs a bit of support for balance) and rolling is now a very common thing. Still, he can't roll back and he gets frustrated when on his tummy for too long. My little man is 28 weeks today!
Oliver's best friend at the moment is Carlito. Carlito is our kitten and he loves licking and chewing Oliver's fingers! Oliver doesn't seem to mind (most of the times!) and could spend ours looking at the cats playing and caressing them. I closely supervise this, I don't want him to be too rough with the cats and of course he still doesn't have a clear idea of the fact that pinching is NOT ok!

Finally I bought another gadget... this is a kitchen robot which cooks as well as mixing! I love it! It was seriously expensive but I think I'll use it a lot and it's great also for baby food. Mom has it since Christmas and praises it on a daily bases. I've made pizza, bread, risotto and tiramisu, all super yummy!


  1. Sounds like Oliver is doing really well. Good luck with the new foods!

    The cats can be tricky. At least with ours, Kate wants desperately to be friends, but she doesn't understand a "soft touch." Guinness has a healthy fear and stays away; Bella has had her fur and tail pulled, when I was too slow to take Kate's hands away. I know they will eventually be best friends.

    That kitchen gadget looks amazing, as if it does everything! Looking forward to hearing more about it.

  2. Yay! So. Happy he is progressing so well. Gals to see you be such a happy mommy:)

  3. Cute photos! Glad to hear your vacation was good and ECing is coming along well.... I wonder how our three cats and dog will take to baby... hopefully there won't be much jealousy!!

  4. Love the pictures of him with the cat! So cute!

  5. Such a cutie! And I love your fancy gadget, you need to put up some recipes of how you are getting it to work.

  6. Those pictures are so precious! Sounds like you are all doing so well!!
    Ps love kitty's ears!!!!!

  7. Wonderful. I love the smiley photo of Oliver with Carlito on his high chair, especially.

    So glad that all is going well.

  8. He's such a big boy! And so cute :-))

  9. Oh Franny Poo, I've missed you! Ollie is adorable and I love Carlito! So happy for all of you.


  10. 28 weeks - amazing! I love the pics of Oliver and Carlito - they're so cute together!!!

  11. that last photo, you better be careful that Carlito doesn't look cuter than your boy!
    Glad to read from you again, such a sunny holiday.
    Love the kitchen gadget. would love to hear more about it if you have a favorite recipe.

  12. He is getting so big!! Adorable!

  13. I must have missed the post where Carlito was introduced to the family. :( He is a really sweet looking kitty though.

    Oliver has gotten so big! I look at that picture and think, "Is that really the same baby?" Time just flies right by, doesn't it?

  14. He is really getting big...and so handsome!


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