Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Getting better!

Thank you for your kind comments my friends, it's good to know it's not only happening to us and that it's a phase. Yes he's definitely working towards sitting up on his own and to rolling back on his back, so it may well be that the cause of the interrupted sleep.
Nearly as soon as I read your comments, we decided not to go in Oliver's room any more (unless the crying escalates) and miraculously for the last three nights we had almost a full night sleep! He still makes his noises but they seem to be less intense. We found him a few times 180° turned in the bed, he must have worked out how not to get stuck halfway. He seems to be much happier to sleep on his tummy also, and must have learned to roll back (maybe while rotating!) as in the morning he's always on his back.
He seems to be back to his old self, when he wakes up in the morning he's happy to chat to himself and play with the soft toys he has in the bed.

So thanks so much for sharing and I hope it'll settle for your child too if you are still experiencing it!


  1. Great news that things are getting better! I love this community...

  2. Fran, so glad that the sleeping is sorting itself. I read through the reader comments on your last post and was cheered to hear that this can be a phase (the good thing: phases end). Sounds like Oliver is figuring it out...and letting his parents sleep!

  3. Glad things are going better with the sleeping. Little G went through something similar. Apparently, when baby's are working on milestones like rolling over or crawling, they will even do it in their sleep, which makes them fitful when they sleep.

  4. Sleep is hard. We are beyond fortunate that Superbaby is a great sleeper, always has been and HOPE it stays that way. We just recently moved him out of our bed to the end of our bed in a pack n play. Not sure when he will go to his room, his crib, but maybe, hopefully soon. I've missed reading your blog and am trying slowly to get back into the swing of blogging/reading. xoxox

  5. Forgot to say how jealous I am that Cats with Passports met you... she said you were just as amazing in person, I knew you'd be girl! You are such a sweetie, we all love you!


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