Thursday, July 28, 2011

New addition to the menu

I just couldn't resist! he had found his feet a few weeks ago, but this morning he decided to taste his big toe!
Sleep last night was a bit better again, mostly it's me that still can't have a good night sleep. If I wake up, I'm done. For hours. Not sure what's up with me either! At least I don't cry...

I have started two days ago a detox plan for my liver/gallbladder and friends. I really never had problems till after the pregnancy. I blame all the hormones I took like candies for the last few years. So I have a nagging pain on the right, just under my ribcage. I won't deny it, a few times I gave in to hypochondria and thought I had something terrible and lethal. It's more likely to be an overly stressed gallbladder (so I read anyway). Water with a few drops of lemon is one of my best friend. And I bought this utterly expensive herbal mix. I want to be in good shape if I'm going for treatments again in September!

Very quiet blogland lately, but my dear blogger-friend C just had fantastic news as she'll post it herself very soon! I forgot to mention I met her last week and then again this week too! Shame she'll be leaving Ireland for good in just a couple of weeks, but that's always how it happens isn't it? Anyway, if you come to Dublin know that I'll be thrilled to meet you, never doubt that, so if you are up for it just give me a shout!


  1. So cute! My little guy is still in the 'stick the whole hand in the mouth' phase.

    Good luck with your detox plan. I've been having the baby#2 bug lately. Not sure when that will happen (hopefully on it's own without treatment!).

    Isn't it fun to meet bloggers in real life?! Wish I could come and visit/meet your little family. Our babies could play together!

  2. That's adorable! And you crack me up with the strategic placement of the star - no kiddie porn!

    Good luck on the detox, I'm very interested to hear how it goes!

  3. OMG your boy is too cute. Sigh xx

  4. Mine never sucked her toes, but I think it is hilarious when babies do. I wish I was that flexible!

    Good luck with the detox. I hope it helps. My acupuncturist is a huge proponent of the warm lemon water. I've been drinking it every day since I started seeing him. If I am really religious about it, I will notice a difference in my skin being clearer and softer.

    Hope you all get some much needed rest soon!

    P.S. Give meditation a try.

  5. He is so freakin adorable! My girl did that forever! I think she gave up once she started crawling.

  6. Oh Fran, Oliver is such a cutie!

    As you know I've been away for a bit and have a lot of catching up to do with everyone. I hope you begin to feel better very soon.

  7. Looks like our boys have similar taste:)

  8. Thank you!

    Look at him! He's as sweet as always. Let me know how the detox goes. It's amazing what we've put into our bodies over the past few years.

    Take care!

  9. Hello my dear!
    I haven`t checked in in ages... And what a wonderful surprise to visit your blog and find out you had a beautiful son!!!
    It actually seems to me a positive sign to give me some sort of hope as well. I haven`t done anything relating to fertility since I decided not to go thought my last FET last year and moved to South America. I just today renewed the yearly fee for our 3 frozen embryos we have left in the US. I believe we`ll try once more next year. And then, of all the blogs I used to read, I decide to check on you.... and... wow. I`m just thrilled. So happy for you. Many, many blessings to you and your beautiful family!


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