Friday, March 9, 2012

A cold, a weekend away and blogroll review

I had a cold since Monday. Nothing strange really these days, we seem to get sick in rotation. But this one is a really hard one to shift! By Monday night my left ear was completely blocked and it felt like my left side of the face was about to explode! Do you guys have colds on just one side? Of course I had a terrible night, not breathing, sore ear etc. Tuesday I went to the doctor, this cold lodged itself in the sinuses this is why I'm so miserable. My ear is also inflamed but the doc thought it was still likely to be just viral (and I agree), gave me a prescription for antibiotic just in case by Thursday I was no better. Wednesday I was worse, dizzy, sore etc. got tablets which are supposed to help with the sinusitis and they helped a bit. On Thursday I got the antibiotics and today I finally seem to have turned the corner a bit. Still feel quite spaced out which isn't helping my hypochondria...I won't even tell you my thoughts of the last few nights...but I'm sure you can imagine.

Tomorrow we are going to visit friends in the South West and I really hope to be in top shape and not ruin anyone's day. It will be our first weekend away as a family and I feel both excited and a bit anxious about it. We will stay with our friends (they have two children) so hopefully I'll be able to just relax!

So in these days at home I have gone through my blogroll and realised there were still many blogs (not necessarily showing in my side bar) that had not written a thing in over a year. Actually a few didn't even exist anymore! So I did a bit of a clear out. Of course I did the same with my emails. It gives me great pleasure to hit "delete"!

Now...if I could only tackle the house...

oh and I thought I'd mention that today is my parents' 38th anniversary! Wohooo well done mom and dad, not an easy thing these days!


  1. I'm so sorry you've been sick. Ear aches are incredibly painful and I really hope you are on the mend.

    I'm impressed that you cleaned out your blogroll. I really should do some blog site updating on my own, but, you know, time, time, time!

    Have a great visit with your friends!

  2. Sorry to hear you were sick, but hoping you had a really good time away. And 38 years is no mean feat, especially in this day and age. Good health to them.

  3. Boo to being sick! Ear aches are my are enemy.

    I'm glad I made the cut. :-) I need to do the same thing myself.

  4. I know this comment is late in coming, but I know the exact pain you are talking about when an ear is plugged and it feels like the side of your face is about to explode. Just thinking about it makes my face ache. I am glad that you are feeling better since you posted this. I think last time that happened to me, my doctor gave me steroids to help clear it up.

    I hope you continue to feel much better!


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