Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Outpouring of love and chicken pox (for real!)

You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for all the comments on my last post, it felt like a warm hug and I nearly had tears in my eyes. I LOVE this community, I truly do. Junebug and Alex said something about expanding our readership into parenting blogs (which I have not searched for to be honest, I like to read those I  knew from the beginning of the journey) and I think they are right, I will do something about it.

Today is the first official day of Spring and my MIL 73 birthday! She is one amazing woman, after all she's been through she always seems to come out the other end with the same positive attitude. I wish her many more of these days.

This time I do believe Oliver has chicken pox. Yesterday when I picked him up from the crèche they mentioned he seemed to have a few spots in the nappy area but given the previous false alarm they didn't call us and just kept an eye on him. He was in fab form (while we had a few tantrums at home over the weekend) but this morning he definitely had a few more spots...he has no temp so we brought him in but I suspect we'll be called as soon as they change his nappy! Of course I have a very busy work schedule so we'll have to see how we can get through the next few days if we have to keep him home.

 Better go, I have labs all day and a lecture in the middle!


  1. Wishing your MIL a very happy birthday!

    Sorry for Oliver having Chicken Pox...I have had that as a kid...hope he gets well soon!

  2. I agree, look for other mommy blogs. I've done that and still read the IF blogs too.

    I hope Oliver feels better!

  3. Poor Oliver!!!

    I haven't really gone into lots of mommy circles since I don't consider myself a mommy blogger. But I have add several natural/eco type mom bloggers mostly for the great tips and info. I've tried to think of interests I have and googled it with blogs. Slowly expanding my circle. It is taking a long time. :-) We still have our now small hardcore group. Yeah!

  4. Chicken pox? Sounds awful! Hope he gets better very soon, and you can manage some time off with him!

    Happy Birthday to your MIL!

  5. I really hope Oliver doesn't have the chicken pox. Hugs!

  6. Happy birthday to your MIL!

    Poor Oliver. Do any of the other kids have chicken pox there, or has there been an outbreak going around in the area? He seems so young to get them. Poor little guy.

    Good luck with work!

  7. Happy belated anniversary!

    My mom's b-day is March 21st as well!

    Hope the chicken pox is very mild!

    I've fallen off the blogging map and am so bad because it's so busy IRL. But I have to visit you, even if it's monthly to catch up! I really do consider you a friend!

  8. I hope Oliver is getting better and not worse. At least if it is chicken pox, he'll be too young to remember (I was about 6 when I got them and I remember well the insane itching!). Glad your MIL had a nice birthday - she deserves it!

  9. Oh poor Oliver with the chicken pox, hope he's doing ok now.

    I felt the need to pop up again and say hi because I am one of your readers who has probably fallen silent in recent months and so I wanted to justify myself. In my case it wasn't so much about you as it was about me. I just felt blogged out had a break completely. I have always appreciated the thoughtful comments you've left and emails you've sent me. You helped me a lot when I was going through my FET attempts as your experience on lining issues was invaluable to me, as was your support after my ectopic. I'm sorry if I haven't been around as much to return the favour to you in recent months but you're right I was silently reading along and would have been there in a seconds notice if there was something I could reasonably give advice/help with. And I guess that leads me to another point... Often I read parenting or pregnancy blogs and I just literally don't know what to say as I haven't been there before myself but now I can see that this is actually quite awful behaviour as it would appear from your point of view that people like me have stopped reading cause you're boring. so not true!


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