Saturday, March 31, 2012

Quiet time

Only three more weeks till the end of college term. Of course there will be exams after but at least the chaos on campus will be over. I had a very good week with two papers being accepted whohoo for me!
We had enjoyed a fantastic weather for a good ten days, I suspect that was our summer! Oh no wait, I'm going to Cali this summer!! So I'm bound to get a bit more sun, right?

Let's see what happened lately.
Oliver went back to the crèche on tuesday after a week of chicken pox. I would say it wasn't very bad but was not a light one either. We had a few rough nights and I was surprised to learn that actually the worst day for itchiness  is the 3rd or 4th! We bathed him often which gave him great relief and of course we had all the ointments available of and I think they were also useful. He was off his food and generally quite unsettled but this is also part of the chicken pox virus I hear.
Any time we have a break from the crèche it's like a new induction every time he goes back, but at least this time with the good weather they were out in the yard playing most of the time and he had a fab time.
He's very demanding when at home and a bit of an actor when he doesn't get what he wants...but still sweet and cuddly.

Still no walking on his own really, unless you set him up for it, I suppose crawling is still much quicker, but he is now in love with our kitchen chairs which are his favourite walker...

This morning I bought him a few more toys and packed away the baby ones he's not even looking at anymore, we need to find things to keep him entertained when at home or we are all going insane!

Looking forward to Easter next weekend and the end of my chocolate free Lent!


  1. Happy Almost Summer! Congrats on weathering "the pox"! I hope you have an amazing Easter!

  2. Can't wait for your US trip! :) Good to know Oliver is over his chicken-pox. I hear you get it once, and you never get it again for life - so that is one positive thing about it!

  3. So, glad Oliver is over the chx pox!

    Although Matthew is walking on his own, he still likes to use the chairs as his walker too. And we are entering the tantrum stage when he doesn't get what he wants.

    Hope you get to make up for loss eating when you get to partake of your chocolate again! :)

  4. It must be a relief to be done with those chicken pox! Poor little tyke.

    Congratulations on getting 2 papers accepted! Very impressive. So it seems that while you've had nice weather, we've had rain, rain, rain lately! But yes, next summer there will be sunshine. Although the SF bay area is often much cooler than the inland areas. I'm so looking forward to your visit!

  5. Congratulations for getting your research papers accepted. What were they on?

    I hope you have a fun US trip. And I sure hope Oliver would be now well-recovered from the Chicken Pox...Have the scabs fallen of? They take a while sometimes...

  6. Glad you made it through chicken pox - that sounds awful! I'm so excited to hear about your US trip!

  7. So glad that Oliver is over the chicken pox. Not much fun for him at all, or for you for that matter.

  8. So glad that Oliver is over the chicken pox. Not much fun for him at all, or for you for that matter.

  9. Fran, I'm sorry to have been so MIA. And SO sorry to hear about the chicken pox! I bet he was unsettled:( But I'm glad that the nice weather and outdoor time helped him transition back to creche.

    And well done on the two papers! I always love as the end of term approaches. It's such a manic time but feels so good to get to the end of things.

    (Oliver sends greetings to Oliver:)


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