Friday, March 16, 2012

Walking. Wooden wedding anniversary. Blogging.

Oliver took his first few steps unaided on Tuesday the 12th of March! You should have seen his little face when he realised what was happening! We spent a good while getting him to walk from me to Mike and viceversa. He'll be always on his feet in no time.

Tomorrow is our 5th anniversary and I just read wood is it's symbol...of course we don't have anything planned, it's St. Patrick's day and it's supposed to rain (nothing new there!) so I don't really feel like going to a parade to be honest. I'm finally feeling better but still not 100% despite the round of antibiotics and Oliver would get bored for sure.

I feel I have to add my 2 cents to the blogging "tension" currently going on. I never had one bad comment and never felt excluded by the blog-community. I also blog to keep track of what is happening and of course my blog moved from infertility and the drama that came with it to a pregnancy blog to a parenting blog. I don't know what else it'll be turning into in the future but I like to think that it can be anything I like. One thing I certainly noticed is that I can now count on one hand the comments I may get any time I post. I have cyber friends who I know will stop by to see what happens in my side of the World and would live a message, and other who may just be reading and say nothing. I would hope that, should I need support at some point in the future that they will be there for me like in the past, but of course I don't know that. I do feel a bit sad at times, as if I've lost friends. So I'm not sure if it's because the bloggers that once shared infertility and are now happily parenting have no time/need to come back and say hello, or if it's because there's now this parallel community which I didn't join but I really should, or if it's because my blog has become boring. Well, I tell you what, I am truly happy that my complaint now is that my life is normal and with no drama, long may it last!


  1. Happy anniversary! And big congrats to Oliver for taking his first steps. You must be so excited for him!

    I'm still here and reading!

  2. Our little guys are on the same path! Matthew just started taking his first steps too and I just blogged about it too. (Great minds think alike?!).

    I totally understand what you mean about the blogging support. I lost a few readers once I got pregnant/had the baby. I know it's hard for some who are still struggling to read our blogs see that we now have our babies. And I understand those who had babies and just don't have time anymore.

    I always try to keep up with the blogging friends pre and post baby. I enjoy reading about their lives and see their babies grow. Sometimes it does feel like I've been abandon by people I thought were really friends.

    I just keep blogging about my life, for journaling purposes. It's my family scrapbook.

    Know that I enjoy reading your blog and will always be around for you!

    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary !!

    Oliver is getting so big, taking his first steps. I love the way they walk for the first little while, it's so cute.

  4. Yay for walking! How exciting - the whole world is opening up for him!

    I like your ideas about blogging. As you know personally, I've always continued to follow people no matter what happens. I like to think that my bloggy friends are just that - my friends! For example, yes it was hard to watch you and your pregnancy after I lost my baby, but you were my friend. I wanted nothing but the best for you and your little guy! So I have friends like you and others that I keep in touch with, no matter what happens in our lives. But I've also joined PAIL, just because I'm interested in meeting other moms just like us, and I like the idea of some topics to discuss that they give. Crazy how heated the discussion has been lately!

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  5. Whoops. I am the one still reading and only commenting every so often. Did I mention I always read? I do.

    You have been a tremendous help and inspiration for such a long time, that I want very much to thank YOU publicly on keeping up with all my drama over the years and encouraging me with such thoughtful input and support. Seriously. You rock.

    I try to think that I *will* eventually relate to the parenting and pregnancy blogs, even if I didn't believe I would at the time. I also really found joy in seeing people I know who had suffered so much heartache be somewhat free of those bonds as they move on.

    Lovely little claps coming from my end of the world for your little one taking those bold new steps. It's a huge milestone to celebrate! Congratulations.

  6. Still here, just have a hard time getting a chance to sit down long enough to comment let alone blog! Walking! Yay, say goodbye to sitting down :) Bubba just started climbing, let me tell you, I walk around holding my breath all day!
    Happy wooden!

  7. Happy Wedding Anniversary! And Congratulations to the kid for the new milestone.

    I have been mostly silent, even for people who have left me comments, and it is only now that I have started slipping out from under the rock to reply and return comments...thanks to the girl taking a sleep break...

    I have not lost readers...but I have lost the heterogeneity of commenters on my blog.

  8. Awesome job to Oliver!!!! So exciting!!! Phi is almost crawling. Our babes are growing so fast.

    Happy Anniversary!! :-)

    Blogging - > I think we took awhile to build our IF group of friends. Once we became parents some of those peeps couldn't stick around which I totally understand. I have found I'm having a difficult time creating a workable schedule between Phi, blogging, play dates, working out, reading, commenting and trying to expand my blog community outside of my IF world. So 1. our old friends with kids are probably having the same time issue I am. 2. we have to take time to expand our community like we did the first time which is difficult with child changing daily.

    I do read my friends more often than I comment. I hope to dedicate some time to specifically connect with my "old" friends at the very least weekly. I miss you!

    Lots of Love - Junebug

  9. Happy Wooden Anniversary! I remember for ours I gave Mr. H a wooden box with cufflinks in it....I love trying to come up with creative gifts according to the year!

    Yay for Ollie!!! How exciting! :)

    Re: blogging and friendship and all that....I want you to know that I often say things to people like, "My friend Fran in Ireland blah blah blah" please know that after all these years, I count you as a friend and I hope to meet in person one day soon. I have been a bad commenter on everyone's blogs lately - mostly due to my own turmoil and just not having much to give. But what you say is true - if you are ever in trouble, if you ever need a shoulder to cry on or lean on or an ear to vent to, I am here for you - you can e-mail or call me anytime. I greatly appreciate all the support you have given me and I would be there for you in a heartbeat.


  10. Happy Anniversary. Our wood one was on the 9th. YEah on walking. P is getting there. She is pulling herself up and cruising all over.

  11. Ha Fran,
    think you are right about the different stages of life and blogging. After a week away I'm still catching up with blog reading, so I've missed the tension so far.
    But you made me laugh with your "happy and without drama".
    yay for first steps.
    Any news on your cat? love to hear those stories too ;-)

  12. Got to post. Never had posted before to your blogger but always read, im from the vhi site elainee40.
    You prob dont know me much but i an an oct 07 and jan 10 mummy there.
    Love reading your updates on oliver x

  13. Way to go Oliver! Now the fun starts my friend ;)

    As for the blogging "issue", it really went well over my head to be honest... I blog for me first and while I know I have lost readers from the ALI community since getting pregnant and becoming a parent, I hope that my old posts can still help others facing IF.


  14. Hooray for Oliver! Once they can walk/toddle/run on their own, it's a whole new world! I hope you and Mike had a wonderful anniversary, even without a parade :).

    I'm not sure what the *blogging tension* is (maybe I've missed too much), but I've experience somewhat the same thing - fewer comments, change over time. Of course I attribue some of that to my own lack of commenting on others' blogs. I love this community, I love the friendships I've fostered, I simply don't have the time I used to have to read posts, write comments or even write my own posts. I miss the days of daily posting/commenting, but this is my new life. I'm sure though that if you needed the community, they would rush to your side....look at the number of comments to this post! Love.

  15. Fran, you are never far from my thoughts, and I am being honest in that. I have just been so horrible in the blogosphere lately, and I always feel so bad when I don't get on and catch up with everyone.

    I think about you, Oliver, The Dude, and Patches. Even though you are down one kitty. I often hope you are doing well. I just haven't been a good blog friend lately.

    As for Oliver, aren't those first steps so exciting? I remember when BB took her first steps. They seem so small to be walking around. Before you know it, your little man will be locking you out of the house. lol! (Yes, BB did that to me.)

    I am here, even when I don't comment.

    Much love!

  16. P.S. Happy belated anniversary!

  17. Hope your anniversary was spectacular and yay for Oliver walking! Our Little G is walking quite a bit these days, but not fully yet.

    Re: blogging, before I decided to lay my blog to rest I had lost almost everyone that had followed me except those that I consider friends - like you! My new blog is still a work in progress, I haven't been able to commit to it in the same way

    Anywho, I hope all is well!

  18. Happy anniversary. As you approach your fifth milestone, it is good to celebrate life.As for Oliver, aren't those first steps so amazing! and confusing. I guess he beaming with wonder and merriment. My first comment on this blog, but I guess these are good people with a lot to share.

  19. Happy Aniversary, amazing, u must have a wonderful moment. N impressive for Oliver :), may he will grow happily. Yihaa for her first step. Please visit my web too thank you


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