Saturday, February 2, 2013

28 weeks milestone

I didn't get to update last week, I've been a bit under the weather and really really overwhelmed with lecturing and lab supervision. By the time it was thursday I had nearly lost my voice altogether, nagging cold, a bit of cough, the works.

Thankfully the pregnancy seems to progress just fine, I have gained half a kilo since last week (after  a few weeks of no weight gain at all) and I'm at +9Kg which I'm very happy with. Plenty of movements throughout the day (and probably night too, but I can't tell) and I think my belly had a bit of growth since the last pic, so I'm posting the progress here.

I have 4 more weeks of very heavy teaching, I really hope I didn't take on more than I can handle...I actually took friday off (meaning I worked from home) to take it a bit easier. Friday is the only day I don't teach and I have no labs. Anyway, I know by the end of next week I'll be half way through and it will feel great!

Oliver is doing very well, chatting more and more, somehow he realised he can now push the bed from the wall and get down...this afternoon Mike was out and I was handling nap time....I totally lost my cool I have to admit, couldn't manage to properly block those damn wheels, after an hour of up and down etc and me physically blocking the door (it's a sliding door, can't do much to keep it close) finally Mike came back and fixed the bed. Thing is we are heading off to a birthday party in half an hour and he will have slept about 45 minutes, half than his usual time. Not good.
No sign of the bedroom arriving, it should have been 3 weeks since placing the order and that happened before Christmas. No update on where we are at either. Very frustrating. Similar thing with the kitchen slight modification we'd like to do, it's dragging on forever. I have the feeling it'll be like when Oliver was born and the attic project, everything done about a day before the arrival...
Anyway, better get ready to go to the party (it's a 2 year old!).


  1. You look great!! Just adorable :)

  2. Beautiful belly!
    I know about losing your cool when the toddler refuses to go down for his nap... it happened to me too a few times and lately I'm having a similar problem where the baby will wake up (or just wait because he knows he's coming) when I bring his big brother to bed and then they party for 30-60 min before I have to take the the oldest out and put him in our bed...
    I hope the bedroom and kitchen items will arrive soon so you feel more relaxed before Phoenix' arrival. Take care!

  3. I hope you are feeling better! Love the baby bump. I've been catching up on your blog. Oliver is just too cute and is such a big boy.

    I remember the attic project and everything that went into that while you were pregnant! I hope the bedroom stuff arrives soon.

    BTW, you had asked me about us doing a frozen cycle. We didn't have any embryo's that made it to freezing from our last cycle. We would have to do a fresh cycle and just can't afford to do it right now. Oh how I wish we could add to our family, but we can't right now. I keep praying that we can do it on our own, but I have faith that everything will work out like it's suppose to. :)

  4. Gorgeous belly!
    Hope the winter is treating you kindly. As for drivers, I don't know honestly which I prefer the clueless island inhabitants or over-confident teutons who drive like maniacs in heavy snow conditions...
    Gorgeous, gorgeous belly, have I said that alrady? :-)

  5. Your belly looks beautiful! Sorry the projects aren't going more smoothly, it must be terribly frustrating. Please just be sure to take care of yourself and don't be too stressed...things will get done! Oh, little Oliver is discovering his power! It is wondrous as a parent to watch your child grow and bloom...and sometimes irritating! I know all too well! Hugs and good wishes to you, my friend.

  6. Oh Fran, I hope the birthday party went OK?
    I'm so sorry that every time you post I think I comment, but I guess it's only in my head. I think of you regularly.
    Also wish that weight gain/loss wouldn't worry either of us from time to time. I can't stand people who say 'Oh but is good you're not gaining because then you don't have to lose it afterwards'
    As if we care more about our looks than our little ones?
    But like bwub says, stressing about it will not help... take care!


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