Friday, February 8, 2013

29 weeks (-1!) OB appointment

Happy to report that Phoenix is growing nicely and all looks perfect! I quickly looked at the dates appearing as Dr. W. was taking the head circumference and the abdominal one and both were in around 28 weeks which is completely within error and more importantly much bigger than the last time.
Dr. W mentioned again VBAC to which I'm completely open and of course we will keep a close eye on growth, fluids and placenta (so far all perfect) just in case we have to intervene a bit sooner.
My next appointment is in 2 weeks time!

Major progress on the house front too: next thursday the big boy bedroom is going to be fitted, we have the room painted and curtains are up! We have not really worked at selling our two futons currently in the room but ah well, we'll move them in the attic for now. Then on the same day we are also having an electrician doing a few modifications in preparation of the counter-top extension in kitchen (and added units), and some other bits and pieces. The kitchen people are on the move to assemble our cabinets and Mike was fantastic at sourcing a granite top that is very very similar to the one we have. This should all be ready in 2-3 weeks! Will of course post pics of before and after.

Oliver is well, we have canines coming through at the top but he's been doing very well (no molars yet). Sleeping is good and when the new bedroom arrives we'll give another go at sleeping without sides.

I'm half way through my teaching and it feels great, I can see the end!

On a sad news, Mike's first cousin died suddenly and we have the funeral on saturday...I never met him (I think) but I know I'll be very very emotional at seeing the grief of his parents and family. Mike's aunt from the States flew in this morning, and she was so so close to them it's going to be heartbreaking. We don't quite know what happened yet, if it was a stroke or a heart attack or a true accident (he fell in the bathroom) but as he was only a few years older than Mike it is really shocking.

Ok, better leave it at that for now, thank you for your continuous support and gentle hugs!


  1. So happy that things are going well with Phoenix! It sounds like you and Mike are getting a lot done! And no molars yet? I'm jealous. Cadet has 4 molars in already (that wasn't fun!).

    I'm so sorry about Mike's cousin. My thoughts are with you all!!

  2. Yay for good baby news!!!

    And I am so sorry for your family's loss; my thoughts and prayers to Mike especially.

  3. Glad to know Phoenix is still growing and healthy! Can't wait to see pictures of the remodel.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  4. I am so happy you get to enjoy a boring, normal pregnancy! Take pictures of that gorgeous bump and share them. :-)

  5. I am glad to hear your pregnancy is going well and that Phoenix is growing as expected! Sorry to hear about Mike's cousin.

  6. Oh what a mixed bag of emotions!
    And your gentle hugs made me smile.
    While my belly is "relatively small" I can't really hug people close anymore (10 weeks ahead of you) and end up doing some snake dance ritual instead.
    See if you can squeeze in a nap for yourself this Saturday, it might help with the emotions a bit?

  7. Yay for the great baby and home improvement news! And I'm sorry for the loss of Mike's cousin - it always hits closer to home when it's someone about your own age...

  8. A lot going on for you...but I am most glad to hear that your pregnancy is doing great. Those reassuring checks toward the end of the pregnancy are so important! I look forward to seeing pics of your newest remodel project. I'm sure you're excited to get things underway before you have your hands full with a new baby. So sorry to hear about Mike's cousin. Tragedy has a way of putting life into perspective, doesn't it? Hugs to you.

  9. Yay baby! I'm glad he's doing so well. Can you believe how close we are all getting to meeting our babies? So close, yet so far.

    I can't wait to see the house update pictures. Of course, that means I will have to check the blogs more often than I have been lately. ;)

    So sorry to hear about Mike's cousin. It is never easy when someone so young passes.

    Sending lots of love.


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