Sunday, February 24, 2013

Big boy's bedroom

And so here are the pics on the new bedroom! Oliver loves it though he has not slept there yet, we still need a few things before we transition him.
This is what it will be like in its final composition, with the beds at 90 degrees, but for now we have the lower bed underneath the upper one to have one side blocked (minimize falls!). We have also removed the bottom 3 steps as Oliver is well able to climb onto the upper bunk and it makes me nervous. I really like the roman blinds and the fact that some of the birds are the same lime green.

These then are the two wall stickers I got from a place in Australia who sells worldwide for very very affordable prices and they stickers are removable and made of cloth! Love them!

We then bought a carpet in Ikea, I worried it was a bit too dark, but the lighter colours weren't as nice or as thick, so this one will have to do!

See? Oliver climbs very well and even if he cannot reach the upper bed from that side, we decide to remove them from the room altogether.

With the bed underneath the upper one we had to relocate the drawers! Nice that everything has wheels! We also got Oliver the sure comfy Ikea chair children size and he loves it!

As for the sleeping, we made huge progress last week. He is now happy to stay in the bed even if he can come down and occasionally it happens that we have to go back up and put him back in the bed if he's wandering around the corridor, but all in all it's great. Last night we heard him opening the sliding door of his room and then closing it up again...we normally leave it near and not fully closed, obviously he preferred fully closed! He didn't come out of the room at all. My big boy!

Another major major thing is that since yesterday he started saying when he needs to use the toilet!!! Twice we were a bit too late, he was peeing as we took the nappy off, but this morning he said he had to poo and he did!! i think we are not far off from toilet training and I'm delighted I didn't start this too soon (we have been doing EC since he was about 4 months old though, so he knows what the toilet is for).

Two upper canine are through! We have a total of 14 teeth for now. The little mister is well able to throw tantrums, though for now that has happened in the house and so quite much easier to manage. If he's tired we are almost guaranteed a tantrum at bath time, but I really can't complain. He's speech is progressing amazingly well and he can almost have a conversation with you.

And while my big boy is growing in front of my very eyes, the little Phoenix in the belly is 31 weeks too! I'll update on the pregnancy after the OB visit tomorrow.


  1. That is a gorgeous room. He is going to be comfy! I am looking forward to the update on you little Phoenix.

  2. So lovely!! Love the colors! What a big boy Oliver is! Can't believe Phoenix is already 31 weeks! Way to go, my friend!!!!

  3. The room is darling! I love the colors and how bright and airy it seems. I think the blue rug looks perfect (not too dark at all). My favorite are the wall stickers - I use them too and LOVE that I can relocate them as needed (I recently moved some of Scout's cars/trucks stickers to the ceiling over Mac's crib). You've done a beautiful job and Oliver is definitely becoming a big boy!

  4. What a lovely room you've made! Glad everything is going well.

  5. Love his big boy room. Great job! And yay to Oliver for sleeping better. We started to try and keep Matthew in his room when he gets up in the middle of the night. Makes for a long night (because I stay in his room until he falls back asleep). We haven't tackeled potty training yet though.

    Our babies are growing up way too fast!

  6. Absolutely adorable room! I love the appliques on the wall!

    Yay for Oliver asking to go to the toilet. We're making progress with Liam, too. He gets to choose a sticker to put on the calendar whenever he goes in the toilet. He asks to go a lot, which takes a lot of time and doesn't often result in anything but at least he is asking!

  7. aha - I do remember the room now! Gorgeous!!! very cute colors and the mural is awesome!


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