Monday, February 25, 2013

OB 31 weeks update

All is well with the little bundle of joy! Growing steadily (though not a huge baby and as always a week or so behind when checking AC), excellent fluids levels, placenta very good looking and Phoenix managed a few kicks while under the scanner! S/he is head down and with the shins on my right side, not very pleasant! Next appointment in two weeks and it will be interesting to see how Phoenix performs as we approach 34 weeks as it was at that stage that Oliver growth arrested.

In other news I have decided to start a course in mindfulness, any of you has experience in this? I will start this Thursday and see how it goes, I love the idea of a meditation technique which will have me focussed on the present and help me not to worry about the future. I will let you know how it goes! I am not doing antenatal classes or yoga, you might remember the crazy antenatal yoga teacher I found the last time...but I need something to keep me grounded.

Still on pregnancy news, I have this CONSTANT blocked/stuffed nose which I don't remember from the first time around. I read up on this and it happens in the 30% of pregnancies...I swear I have a toilet paper roll in my office as it's cheaper than buying a ton of Kleenex. Anyone has suggestions as to what could help clearing this disgusting phlegm that has now been awarded citizenship in my throat/nose?

Oh and here's a belly pix from right now!


  1. I'm so glad things are going well with Phoenix! I hope he/she continues to grow and do well!

    As for the stuffy nose, have you tried rubbing eucalyptus oil under your nose? Or putting it in a diffuser. When I have a stuffed nose, it works wonderfully well.

    Big hugs to you!!!

  2. Awww...beautiful!!! Not much longer now!!!!

  3. You look sooo cute! I swear, your pregnancy (and mine) are flying by! ;) How is it you are 31w already!!

  4. Every time I see pregnant bellies, I so long for it (again)! Sorry you are feeling so stuffed up. I hope it clears soon. We use the nose freida on Matthew to suck out all that yuckiness. Maybe you can try that?? :)

  5. Gorgeous belly, lady! Soooooo happy that all is going fabulously with your little bundle! And I love the idea of the mindfulness course - I wish I lived closer so I could take it with you! :)

  6. Beautiful belly!

    Funny coincidence... I've just been asked to translate a mindfulness manual! I followed a short course in positive psychology last year where mindfulness was discussed a bit too.

  7. Looking great!

    Have you tried a neti pot? I was always nervous about the sinus medications during pregnancy.

  8. my ear is stillllll blocked. I'm going to try steaming with eucalypt oil one of these days...
    (I had hoped birth eould miraculously cure this)

  9. Gorgeous belly! Glad to hear everything is fine with you. As for the stuffed nose, there isn't much you can do, being pregnant. I used saline solution to keep it fluid so that regular cleaning could be possible. I so hate saline solutions...
    The big boy furniture looks awesome! I think I might steal your idea, if ony I could find someone to replicate it here. :-)

  10. 31 weeks! Fantastic. It sounds like things are going along great!

    I had the sinus thing in my pregnancy. It was so annoying, but my dr gave me a nose spray that was supposed to help. It did a little. You should ask your dr if s/he has something like that for you.

    Also, those nasal washes - nettie pots - can help as well. Stay well!

  11. What a beautiful belly! The mindfulness class sounds really interesting...I hope you'll post about some of the topics discussed. Feel well and take care!

  12. Looking good! Mindfulness sounds like a great idea. I always think that if I could learn it / do meditation I would deal with stress and worry much differently.

  13. Glad to hear baby is still doing so well. Isn't it fun watching them kick on the sono? I wish we could see it more often so that we knew how they were moving to make their kicks feel the way they do.

    I took a meditation course years ago with my dad and loved it. You will love it even more as you get better at it. :)


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