Saturday, April 6, 2013

37 weeks, new record!

I'm 37 weeks today, and I'm one day over the length of Oliver's pregnancy! At the appointment yesterday Dr. W took a first measure of the abdominal circumference, and didn't look too good, I think it was measuring something just short of 35 weeks...he commented on the fact that like the last time this baby is smallish but kept going on to look at the spine, at the fluids (which look still good) and the placenta which is a smooth as a peach this time around! We got to see Phoenix practicing breathing (I had forgotten they do this) and Dr. W said it was a very healthy sign. Then went back to the baby's belly and said this was a better angle for measuring it and gave it another go. The circle expanded and expanded to measure over 36 weeks!! Dr. W was absolutely delighted, said "I think this baby is actually bigger than we think s/he is!" and so was very happy to give me an appointment in a week time. He would like to give Nature a chance to do her job and let me go into labour spontaneously, but doesn't want to risk anything either, hence the close monitoring. I asked him how far in advance do we have to decide if we want to schedule a C-section (we still won't exceed 40 weeks gestation even if all is well) and he said no time at all, that we could decide to do it tomorrow or in case of need we could have walked across the corridor and do it there and then! So we have no date yet but I'm really pleased for now all looks as it should be. With Oliver I had gone into the hospital as I thought my waters were leaking, but then it wasn't ever clear if it was the case or not given that IUGR had set in and nobody cared about the waters. I now think I really was leaking because this time I definitely don't feel that wet and it's more normal discharge.

In Oliver news, the potty training at home is a great success I have to say, we may have the odd accident if he's distracted looking at a book or at Peppa Pig in tv, but in the creche is a different story. The first day it was super, only minor accidents due to the fact that he didn't seat properly on the toilet (he wanted to do it by himself!) and so he wetted his pants a bit, but from the second day onwards it was a disaster, there was an average of 4 accidents a day! The carers are great, kept saying it's very normal, not too many children are toilet trained in that room and so maybe Oliver isn't too bothered yet but he will get better. They don't want him back in nappies. On friday it was a better day, Rebecca (one of the girls) brought him to the toilet often, he peed a couple of times in the toilet and had still a few accidents. When we picked him up we actually witnessed about 3 accidents in the space of 15 minutes!! Here how it goes: he wets himself a bit, you bring him to the toilet, he says "Finished!!" you put new pants on and by the time you pull them up he pees a bit more! Mike was doing all the changing, we picked him up early after the OB visit and wanted to go for an ice-cream, till at one point I took over and told Oliver to sit on the loo and let me hear the noise the pee makes...and so he did!! Last pair of dry pants went on and we managed to have our ice-cream and get home without further accidents! Today was a breeze (so far anyway) but we prompt him very often and I don't take no for an answer. That's all folks for now, I leave you with a new belly pic, does it look to you the belly has dropped a bit since last week? I had a couple of days with strong back pain and a million BHs...


  1. All great news!! I'm so excited for you!! Oh, give Oliver a big hug from us! He's doing a great job!

  2. So glad this pregnancy is going so well! And potty training sounds like it's going well too - go Oliver!!!

  3. I am so happy everything is going so well! I think baby has definitely dropped. Your belly is beautiful!
    Keeping my fingers crossed for a very pleasant childbirth experience this time around. Eeeeey! I am so excited for you!

  4. Gorgeous belly picture! I am so excited for you. The potty news is really exciting and I am hoping for just the one kid in diapers at a time.

  5. Glorious belly! And I do think it has dropped a bit. So little time left...
    Good luck with the potty training!

  6. Yay for a new record and glad you're being monitored so closely!

    Oh... potty training... I used the 3-day method last year and it worked fine, but he still wets his pants often when there is a change of environment... Went to a birthday party of a classmate of his on Saturday (a girl, not one of his closest friends, so he doesn't know the parents etc). I had brought one set of clean undies that he already needed upon arrival, then when I came to pick him up he wore one of the girl's undies, with his wet trousers and only his undershirt because his other shirt had gotten pee on it too... Luckily I had a set of undies/trousers with me so I could change him again.

  7. I think it has dropped, and grown! Yay for full term! Phoenix will be here very soon and I am so excited for you, Fran.

  8. Your belly looks bigger to me too! Hurray for 37 weeks...You are doing great! Your little one will be here soon and I can't wait to see him/her!

    I think Oliver is doing the same as most kids - hit and miss with the potty training. I actually had strong words with Scout tonight about the very thing because he was crying and giving me a hard time about going. I finally said "You are a big boy now, when it's time to go, you must simply go and not cry anymore." We'll see....

  9. Congrats on yr new record. Well done baby Phoenix!


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