Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The kitchen project

Here it is finally! I know you have been holding your breath to see it! Have a look at the various stages, it was a very small job, but it made a huge difference in the space we now have available!


the extra unit is in and the mw has been relocated

Mike is tiling (thankfully we had left over tiles)

Tiles are ready to be grouted and dinner was getting ready too

Grout is done and wall behing the mw has been painted

Mike has fitted the undercounter lights, the mw and he is darkening the new granite top

Here it is in all its beauty!

Next project...changing the house front door...


  1. That looks great! Yes it's not a huge project, but makes a big difference in usable space!

  2. wow - I can see what a huge difference it makes - even if it is very compact! I know that in British kitchens space is premium! I looks lovely and Mike is very very clever!!!

  3. Looks lovely! I can't believe you are 38 wks! So excited for little Phoenix to arrive. :)


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