Saturday, April 13, 2013

OB visit, 38 weeks and a plan!

Another week has passed with nothing much to report and yesterday I had another check with the doctor. Everything looks still good and Phoenix is growing which is great news. Dr. W has guessed a weight of about 3kg should he be born in the next few days. He'll see me again next friday (if nothing happens before then) and then we have to make some decisions. He suggested to give me an internal and we can have an idea about the cervix. If it's favourable, soft, maybe a bit dilated already, short etc, he could break my waters and hope for labour to start. If not then it'll be a c-section. If the cervix is unfavourable then there is no point in trying anything to bring along spontaneous labour and we'll just plan a c-section. So here we are, not long till we meet Phoenix! Very exciting yet seems so unreal still...
Today I'm 38 weeks and feeling well, but definitely I'm also feeling the weight! I seem to be sleeping a bit better which is great and the nose is also behaving not giving me much trouble. I have officially finished work on friday but to be honest the idea of being home alone is not that appealing to me...Mike works in the same college as me, so I think I'll go in with him and hang around the least I will be among people! I am very happy as I managed to do all the things I wanted to do before the baby came so there is nothing pressing that could cause stress.

In other news, we got yet another terrible news in Mike's family. One of his cousins, 32 year old girl, got diagnosed with lung and liver cancer...I found this absolutely shocking and terrifying, she never smoked, is a lawyer and very healthy overall. We don't know much details, but she will be starting chemo on monday. I read a bit about lung cancer and was very surprised to read that while 80% of that type of cancer is smoke related, 20% isn't smoke related and very common in young, otherwise healthy females... it apparently kills more that ovarian and breast cancers combined. Mike is going to visit her this weekend (she is in a hospital in our city) but the prognosis is not good as far as I can tell. And then of course I got frightened by the fact that I have also had this odd cough for months now which I blamed on the continuous colds Oliver brought home and awful weather. It is much better now but my hypochondria has undoubtedly kicked in. Anyway, if you can spare a thought for this young girl it will be much appreciated.


  1. Congratulations on making to 38 weeks.

    So Phoenix would be here soon, which ever way it is. Good Luck with that.

    So Sorry to hear about Mike's cousin. I really feel incapable of saying something worthwhile, especially that you report that the prognosis is not good. Asking for miracles seems so phony these days. Just keeping her in my prayers.

  2. So little time left! I wish you the safest and greatest arrival of Phoenix, regardless how Phoenix decides to come (I feel weird calling the baby IT, it is certainly not an IT, afterall...).
    I am so sorry to hear about the bad news though. A very good friend of mine had her mum die of lung cancer. She complained of back pains, the GP gave her some homeopathic remedies, and after a couple of months she decided to get further tests, and it was too bloody late. She was 47 and died within 4 months since she started having the back pains. She never smoked. Life is unfair... And cancer is most unfair.

  3. I'm so sorry about Mike's cousin. Do you remember Christopher Reeves' wife famously got lung cancer soon after he died and also died? Yes, so horribly ironic that the clean living non smokers can get this very aggressive type. I didn't know it was so prevalent in young women though. I'm so sorry for this awful diagnosis. I really hope she and her family can enjoy their time together and focus on loving each other and holding each other tight. Holding you all in my thoughts and prayers!
    And so looking forward to meeting Pheonix! Why don't you get that cough cuhecked out while you are off work? Big hugs, my friend! When do we get to see pictures of the boys room? Xo

  4. You're almost there!!! Can't wait to hear all about Phoenix's arrival, and how it will be much more calm than Oliver's! :)

    So sorry to hear about Mike's cousin. My heart goes out to your family.

  5. How horrible and shocking for that poor young woman. Yes, of course I am sending thoughts and prayers for her, her family, Mike and all of you. So very tragic.

    I also thought of you today as I heard the news about the terrorism (so it is believed to be) at the Boston Marathon....only because you went to visit Boston while on your trip here last summer. More tragedy. More hate. More evil. I hugged my children and gave thanks.

    Congrats on reaching 38 weeks! I am so very excited for you! A new baby to love....wishing you a safe and uneventful delivery!


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