Monday, May 11, 2009

Back with a plan

I'm back! We had a fantastic time and really taking a break from ttc, ICSI and drugs was definitely what we needed. The place, the food, the people, the weather...oh my God, to die for. It was the first time in Sicily for Mike and he loved it. We went on a tour on Mount Etna, walking along the lava fall of 2002 and of previous years, it was surreal.
And now we are back, at least the weather is not bad which helps.

I've got my phone call from Dr.W at the clinic. He said he was quite surprised I got a BFN after the blast transfer. I told him I though I had had a chemical pregnancy because I had seena very faint positive test. So he seemed much happier. He suggested DNA-fragmentation test for Mike and suggested to put me on heparin and steroids for the next cycle. I'm very happy he's trying the heavy machinary on me! I told him I felt the oestrogens for the FET cycle were making me quite unwell, so I thought it wasn't great for me in any case. One odd thing was that he suggested to do some immuno tests which I had done alreay last November after the ectopic so he looked at the results and told me that two values were borderline...WTF??? Borderline?? the nurse said they were clear!! I was quite annoyed really, maybe I could have been put on something for these last two FET and maybe the outcome could have been different...Anyway, I now have to wait for the call from the clinic to schedule my next cycle. Dr. W was adamant that a FET cycle is nothing more than a normal cycle so there's no need to wait as my one and only EC was last summer! Let's hope I can go ahead soon.

I also got all my documents for the adoption process so now I have to translate them into english and get them certified at the embassy and we're good to go! I'm hoping that this year will bring us good news on all fronts.


  1. So glad you were able to get away and that you and your husband had a great time!! Very excited for you that you might be doing the FET cycle soon :)

    I can't believe that your nurse was so incorrect about those immuno results though - shame on her! I had that happen once awhile back (when I was told I didn't have an indicative PCOS FSH to LH ratio, when in fact I DID!) and started requesting copies of every single test that is run on me. From my experience different offices handle those things in different ways; my current clinic just asks that I send a simple letter with the request giving them the authorization to release the data and they mail it directly to me! I feel so much better seeing the numbers myself, even if I may not always know what they mean and it's great in case we ever needed a second opinion on something. Besides, it gives you a wonderful reason to waste 2 hours Googling things to try and play mystery diagnosis. ;)

    Anyway, looking forward to hearing how all of these upcoming tests and such go, as well as learning more about your journey into the world of adoption!

  2. Glad you had such a great vacation!! Sometimes it takes just completely getting away to re-charge. Can't wait to hear about your next cycle!


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