Monday, May 18, 2009

We have dates!

Finally! We now have dates for our next cycle!! Got the call this morning with some sort of an apology for the delay and an explanation.
So because I'm not on the pill I'll have to wait for the next cycle which should be at the beginning of June (I don't think I have ovulated yet, after all the downregulating I've been through I'm not surprised!).
This time I won't be put on the nasal spray!! Hurray!!! just short protocol, stopping the pill on the 2nd of July, scans starting on the 9th of July, starting stimming and EC for the 22nd-23rd of July!!! We are going to blast, I don't think there's any point in not to, at least as a plan to start with. I'm delighted. And now it's time to plan the holidays!


  1. What do you know! We WILL be cycling around the same time - how neat! I can't believe I hadn't added myself as a follower of your blog yet. Silly me! I did now, so no more missing important posts! So exciting that TODAY is the day you send your adoption paperwork off!! Hooray for progress!

  2. Having a plan feels soooo good!


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