Sunday, May 31, 2009

Blogs and Bloggers

After planting a few new plants in the window-boxes I have on my balcony, I decided if I didn't want to get sunburnt (imagine!) to go back in and finding more blogs to follow. The easiest way is to see which ones are followed by those you follow already. Until I found the most amazing blogroll here. I know I know, this is the Queen of all infertility blogs and I should have found her ages ago, but here we go.
I have also become a little more familiar with the settings and layout of my own personal gilrs are cyber geniuses!! Some of your layouts are just unbelievable, fair play to you. So I have read some other incredible stories of strength and hope and tears and joy. I know it's probably a phase but I have joined blogs where my fellow IF cyberfriends are not pregnant just yet. Like me. It gives me joy, of course, to read the journey of those who now have a BFP, or stunning beta or even better a heartbeat. Haven't gone as far as reading about birth and joy and sorrows of parenthood though, I'm the phase of "strictly infertility" and I feel more suited to commenting on those blogs rather than pregnancy (even after infertility) a part for my first ever blog-friend who's now pregnant.
It's as if I find it easier this way. I know I will be happy to read about BFPs of my newly added bloggers, they are on my same side now, I'll get to know you all much better throughout your journey and I will be truly excited to celebrate your BFP any time from tomorrow onwards!
So to Sandra D. my new cycber friend, thank you for joining my blog, really appreciated it! (((Sandra D:)))


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  2. Okay I just wrote BFN on earlier comment i meant BFP, oops. Must be getting late :s

    Hi Fran, Welcome to the IF blogosphere! But sorry you have to be here too :) I totally understand you only adding non-pregnant IFers, I too did that and it was wonderful when some of them got their BFPs. That was since 2 months! Anyway I look forward to following your journey and thanks for your kind comment on my blog.

    I suggest you also join International Comment Leaving Week for June. It's a great way to meet more bloggers and for them to find you. You can join here:

  3. Hi Fran. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I have read through your posts, sorry about the ectopic. Best of luck on the upcoming cycle!

    I know what you mean about reading post IF pregnancy blogs. It can be difficult, but I have to admit I hope I'm able to switch my blog over to one in the near future!

  4. Clare thanks so much for joining and for the tip on the forum to join! I defintely will.

    Sweet Georgia I wish with all my heart for you to switch very soon to the preggers blog! Thanks for your post here also!

  5. There are a few ladies that I was following for a while before they got their BFP, and in that circumstance unless they are/were a pregzilla I will generally continue to follow them. However, there are also those folks who I started following only a few weeks or a month before they got their BFP and unless they're really entertaining to read, I stop following them. (Otherwise I would have at least 100 pg/parenting blogs in my Google Reader.) I will admit though that even the pregnancy (or parenting after IF) blogs that I do follow - my ability to read is somewhat related to the current goings on in my life. Like RIGHT NOW, I am so not up for reading posts about fetal development, seeing belly pics, or reading about breastfeeding. Just can't do it.


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