Friday, May 15, 2009


I don't have much to report a part from the fact that the nurse in charge of scheduling my cycle was too busy this week to give me a call (since monday last!). So we have no dates yet. I have actually just sent an email to the clinic with a letter attached in which, beside all the appreciation for every memebr of staff, I actually said that I was quite unhappy about the policy "no news is good news" adopted by their lab and also about the delay every time in getting dates for the next cycle. I mean, between my fresh cycle and the next frozen one passed 5 months (transfer to transfer), then three more months before the next frozen cycle (they could have been done back-to-back according to the doctor in the clinic), I wonder if I'll manage to get one done before the end of the year at this pace! Anyway we'll see.
Meanwhile I have started going swimming. I had forgotten how much I love swimming! So I hope this renewed activity will bring me back to my weight before IVF, I have 4 kilo to lose. Go me!

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