Sunday, July 4, 2010

11 weeks and totally addicted...

I haven't posted in week and the true reason is that I'm completely addicted to Grey's Anatomy. So I watch as many episodes as I can per day!! I've started the fourth season now, and at this pace I think I'll be finished in 10 days or so! But I've kept up with your news and commented so I don't feel too bad...

Today I'm 11 weeks along. Yesterday I had a very very light brown spotting a couple of times after going to the loo. One possible reason is that I had an orgasm while I was napping in the afternoon!!! It came along all on its own!...we haven't had any action since ET so I think maybe I had some bottled up mojo...Anyway, I nearly felt guilty and then the bit of freak me out no end. Can that be the reason though? No pain and no cramps. I'm booked in for a scan on Tuesday but if I spot some more today I think I'll go in tomorrow. Or I wonder if it could be due to the fact that the body is readjusting to stopping the PIO last Sunday, I think it usually took me 5-6 days after a failed cycle to get AF once I stopped the meds. I'll ask the doctor when I go in.

Mike is away this weekend with his friends, but my sister is here since Wednesday so I'm not alone! We are having a great time together which is always nice.

On the dream front things have calmed down and thank you all so much for the reassuring comments! It always help to know it happens to others! My dreams are still vivid but not horrible anymore, so I'm ok with that....a part from the erotic ones now...

This week is the last week of all the meds, I'll start diminishing the steroids from tomorrow so that I'll be taking only 5mg next Sunday, while everything else will stop on Sunday. I've read many blogs where this create some sort of anxiety and I'm no different! But I suppose this is just another step forward.


  1. I had spotting and a bit of cramping after a "happy dream" early in my pregnancy and I had others tell me that was normal.

    Stopping the meds is not easy and does cause anxiety, but once you finally get over that hurdle you will feel so much better!!! It is wonderful to just allow your body to make you crazy and mot synthetic hormones!! ;-)

    Congrats on 11 weeks!

  2. Yes, I think many of us were a bit freaked when we were told to stop the meds. But so far as I can tell, everyone and their babies did just fine!

    Two more weeks and you'll be into your second trimester! This is so exciting, Fran, and soon I hope you will post a belly pic. (? Please!)

    Oh, boy, the erotic dreams were delicious! I remember them well! I think I woke up with a red face on more than one occasion! hee hee hee. Enjoy!

  3. I love Grey's so much as well! It's just the best! As they are on their summer break we did the same thing you are doing but with Dexter. It's brilliant! I am glad to hear you are having a good time with your sister! Yaay for 11 weeks pregnant. I hope the spotting stopped so you can go on enjoying your pregnancy!

  4. I love, love, love Grey's! I have been watching it here in the states ever since it started. I will say the earlier seasons I think are better and then this very last season was very good. I'm not even sure how many seasons it has been on? I'm sorry you are nervous about stopping your meds (I would be too) but that means you are just reaching all the goals you should be with little Elvis. Take care.

  5. I tend to get the "wet dream" thing when I'm post transfer and my hormones are all sky high ... so I think you're quite normal! ;-)

    Congrats on making it to 11 weeks Fran!!!

  6. Greetings from another scary-to-the-point-of-stalker-FAN of Grey's!!

    Maybe the O just pushed out some old stuff that's been working it's way out... sorry, that sounded totally grose.. I'm sure it's fine though!

  7. HEY! Congrats on your little one! I can't believe you are just now finding out about Grey's Anatomy! This past season finale was the best episode ever since I've watched the 1st episode. YAY FOR Grey's!


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