Thursday, July 15, 2010

NT and coming out

Yesterday I told my Head of Department about the pregnancy and he was amazing! He knew about the ectopics and was truly happy for me, he even hugged me!! Then I said it to another colleague who's dealing with the timetable of all the modules we teach (I want to try and increase a bit my first semester teaching and leave a little less to be covered by others in the second semester), he also was very happy for me and Mike and so so supportive! He said he can teach one of my modules no problem and he felt everyone else would have been very supportive also!

That was enough for yesterday!

This morning we went in for our NT in a new private hospital 2 min away from home and let me tell you...a 5 star hotel could not compete!! This place had a fountain in the reception, a sky-walk to the consultant suits, I felt I wasn't properly dressed!! Ah well. Anyway, we found our "suite" and I was called in. The eco-tech said immediately "I've seen you already!" and sure I have the memory of a goldfish and tried to mask at my best a blank look...she said she was in the Maternity hospital last year and she remembered me having the ectopic and coming back to check the hcg, she also remembered I was a scientist!! How impressive is that! I slowly stated making some connections... She explained all about the test (which I hadn't researched at all, so I knew just the basics) and up I went on the bed. Ohh the difference a super scanner makes! There was Elvis an his little perfect heartbeat! She wanted him to jump a bit so that she could take different measurements but he wasn't too cooperative! Anyway everything was so so clear (still doesn't feel real though) the hands are so cute, and the nose and the belly! He was measuring 12w3d and I'm 12w4d so just right. She said that everything look really good, of course this is not as accurate as the anatomy scan will be, but all the organs are visible (Mike spotted the bladder!) and the heart was just amazing. Here a few pics for your pleasure!

Then she took the blood and the consultant that came in during the scan said he would call me within a couple of hours with the results. He called and everything was great, he said that at my age the risk for Down syndrome is calculated as 1/230 but that the test showed that this pregnancy had a risk of 1/4600 which he said it's that of a 15 years old! Fantastic! I just got 20 years younger! But sure a pregnancy at 15 would not have made me that happy... anyway we are delighted all is well, we would not have sent Elvis back to Vegas of course, but I wanted to be prepared just in case. I was quite calm though, I didn't have any bad feeling!
Oh and my friend TwoDogMama asked me about the gender, I am not sure we want to know yet, we think it's nice to have a surprise, but we may change our mind, and if we do, I'll definitely post it on the blog!

And at lunch I told two more colleagues! Again lots of congratulations and happiness all around!

Now I'll have very little to talk about for 6 weeks until my next appointment so I'll make sure to catch up on the awards I've been given and on MIL's story part two. Stay tuned!


  1. Oh I am so happy everything went so well....That is great that your co-workers are being supportive as well...Have a great rest of the day...and take care:)

  2. I'm glad your mgr was so supportive! Even happier that Elvis is doing great!! I hope he continues to grow and please do let us know if you find out the gender!!

  3. HI ELVIS!

    I'm thrilled for you...this is just amazing news. All around!


  4. Yay - three cheers for Elvis! :D

  5. your baby looks absolutely stunning. Thank you for your very kind support of late. x

  6. Yay! Love the u/s pics! :)

  7. Congrats on another great scan and NT test! Little Elvis is so cute!!!

  8. So exciting to tell people! And hooray for being 15 again :)

  9. Yeah Elvis! Oh Fran you know how THRILLED I am for you girl! I just knew your colleagues would be so thrilled and so supportive too. So exciting! xoxo

  10. Those are the most perfect U/S pics I have ever seen! I knew your colleagues would be happy and supportive - knowing you as I do I can't imagine they would be anything but!

  11. Such good news all the way around. You must be so relieved that everyone at work was supportive, but it's also wonderful to bask in their happiness for you. Enjoy the attention!

    Wow, the facility where you had the scan sounds incredible. And just as majestic as it should be to see the King! The scan pictures are great and little Elvis looks happy and healthy. I'm so glad the NT numbers came out better than good.

    Well, I guess all there is to do at the moment is enjoy being pregnant!

  12. Excellent! Both in terms of the scan (the ultrasound photos are great) AND the reactions of colleagues. Elvis, you're not even here yet but everyone is thrilled that you exist! A very good start in life, I'd say:)

  13. So exciting!!! And I'm so happy for you that the NT scan and bloodwork came back so favorably. I'm a little scared about our NT scan coming up on Wednesday. I know my age already gives us pretty bad odds so I hope the bloodwork and scan itself make those odds a little better. Great pics!!!

  14. Look at that perfect little baby! I absolutely love and miss the scans. It is so surreal to see that little baby up on the screen and know it is inside of you.

    I'm glad the results came back so great.

    I am also very glad that everyone at your work was so supportive and awesome about your news. How could they not be?

    P.S. Can you believe Hannah is pg?! I totally braided my dog hair for her too, and apparently it worked! I've got to remember to do it for myself when we start trying for a baby in 6 weeks. LOL

  15. I am so happy that everything is on the up and up. I have been praying for you.

  16. So glad to hear that Elvis is coming through with flying colors. Are you going to rename the embryo if it turns out to be a she? :-)

    I do hope you'll share the sex with us!

    BTW: What area of science work do you do? I used to work in immunology (and then found out I'm an immune patient!)

  17. Oh Fran, I'm only just catching up on all your posts. CONGRATULATIONS this is definitely real and happening!! Elvis is already dancing away happily inside you.
    And how cool is it that you have the pregnancy of a 15yr old!! you are a legend! who ever knew that getting pregnant could nearly half your age??? You might be onto something there.

    Glad that your work was supportive of your news, and so they should be!

    Take care Fran and I hope the next few weeks between appointments are boring and uneventful xxxx

  18. Congrats Fran, that is fantastic news xx


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