Saturday, July 31, 2010

First present and fetal doppler!

On Friday A-K my post doc gave a good-by box of chocolate (ah she knows me well!) and a small package. You see, her contract is up and she'll return to Germany next week.

I open the pack and this was what I found inside

Isn't it cute? She got in Peru when she went on holiday over Christmas and thought she would have given it to the first of her friends having a baby. And she gave it to me. Needless to say I was in tears! She's such a lovely girl and I have been so lucky to have her in my group.
Not having Elvis here yet we tried the cute hat on Patches....

He was sooo cute too!! Not sure if you can spot the Dude is just beside him on the left, very interested in the little tassels...

Anyway, today we also went to the chemist as the doppler had arrived. She gave us a very good discount so we bought it. As soon as we got home we tried it. Nothing. No heartbeat at all, no sounds other than the background noise. Initially I thought I could hear something and I remembered of all those times I thought I had seen a second line on an know what I mean. Anyway, then I tried it on my own heart and still NOTHING!! Sigh of relief. I called the chemist of course telling her I thought the thing was faulty. Being a bank-holiday weekend here, she couldn't do anything for me until next Tuesday. Ah well. Incredibly I didn't really panic.

Then we thought maybe it's the battery. A battery came with the monitor you see, it was a new one, wrapped up in cellophane. Could it be the problem?
And sure enough it was! That damn little thing!! With the new battery I found the heartbeat straight away (ok....with a bit if fiddling!) and according to our counting it was at around 160bpm! How lovely! I of course checked mine too, just to make sure it wasn't me having a heart attack... nope, definitely not mine! I have to make sure I am not getting addicted...I'll try to use it no more than twice a week (even because if it uses up batteries at the speed of light we'll spend twice as much money in a matter of days!).

Mike said when we are older and may suffer of poor circulation in the legs (like his mom) we could still use the doppler to check for peripheral heartbeat! Ah bless him...


  1. That hat is adorable and while I love it on Patches I bet it is going to be even cuter on Elvis. :-)

  2. Very cute little hat:) and your kitty wears it very well:)

  3. What a cute little hat, such a sweet gift!! Dopplers sound like a lot of fun and I hope they will reassure you when you feel a bit nervous about things!!enjoy it sweetie!!

  4. OMG Patches looks waaaay too cute! Elvis will rock that hat even better! So thoughful of her and what a great lady. Yeah for your doppler, I do not have one, sometimes before I wish I did, but these days Superbaby moves alot and it is so reassuring. xoxox

  5. The hat is adorable :) Glad to hear you were able to find the heartbeat!

  6. Go Elvis! Can't wait to see him/her in the hat.

  7. The first baby gift makes it all seem so real, doesn't it? And what a sweet and precious little hat. I LOVE that you tried it on Patches, who obviously didn't mind posing in it a bit!

    So you're only going to use the doppler twice a week, eh? Right..... :) I say use it every single morning, just for a moment,to say hello and good morning to Elvis! But then again, I was quite the doppler addict!

  8. The hat is so cute! I instantly wondered if it was from Peru before I read that it was just because of the alpachas (sp?). Too cute!

    Don't be shy about using that doppler. That's why you got it! I'm telling you, I used mine EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT when I was pregnant. If we went on vacation, it went too. Its peace of mind. I think I only changed the batteries once. Use it twice a day if you want to. No one will know but you. ;)

  9. Sweet little hat.

    My palms got sweaty just reading about the battery issue.


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