Thursday, July 29, 2010


Thank you all so much for your comments, I feel better today. I had two days were I was really cranky and it didn't help! Like, so moody I was pissing myself off...I suppose that's a good sign of pregnancy!

Some of you have mentioned the heart monitor, I looked into it and there were so many different (and contrasting) comments on them. But then I called my chemist (you know, the one that knows me well with all the meds from the clinc!) and she was so lovely, she's going to get one in tomorrow and I'll go and have a look. I think I'll get it.

And you are right, I have to stay positive. I'll go back to meditation too (I've been slacking a bit in that department!)

Some of you have mentioned that the cervix length can be seen better by ultrasound and that the physical exam is not necessary. This reassured me a lot, but I wonder if it's an internal u/s that you need because they tend not to do them either!!! I only got them at the clinic up to 12 weeks but both the OB and at the hospital they won't do internal if they can see the baby by external. But I will definitely talk about this to the OB.

I am reading this book that a colleague's wife passed on to me "The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy" which is actually really funny and it's helping my mood!
I'm at a conference until tomorrow (I had to give a talk today also) so I hand't been good at commenting on your blogs, but I'll catch up at the weekend. I just wanted to let you know that I am better thanks to you all once again.


  1. Very good to hear that you're feeling better :)

  2. Cervical checks are done vaginally - typically starting at 16w.

    I know you are not the kind who will take things for granted... So demand for any tests that are technically required and covered under your insurance. Some times ppl are not aware of their options and end up loosing on opportunities. My OB was not too keen on cervical checks, but he offered since it was a twin PG. We went in for scan every two weeks in the begining & I doubt we would have caught my situation with out it!

  3. Glad to hear your chemist is going to bring in a heart monitor for you to check out. I'm sure it will give you a lot of peace of mind.

    My cervix was checked via u/s, my dr. couldn't quite get the view she needed externally, so she did a transvaginal one. She showed it to me and said I was an overachiever because it's longer than normal.

    Just so glad you're in a better place today!!! Hugs!

  4. Its kind of crazy that your post yesterday was on the cervix because mine has been measuring between 3.2 and 3.6 each week....I went for my reg ob/gyn apt and they measured it at 3.2 and my Dr. said hey would be keeping an eye on it because anything below 3 would require the cerclage and they usually like to see it closer to 4 or for future US he said I would first have an internal to look at the cervix because that is the only way to measure it correctly then they would do an external to view the baby....this is what I have been told Im sure all Dr.' s have differnt you might ask if my cervix is that then why risk it just put the cerclage in....I guess there would then be risk of infection....could rupture just going to monitor it now....and Dr. also said that heavy lifting...being on your feet alot....doing more activity than normal can all play a role in the cervix changing....but you are def not alone in this worry...I am right there with you:)

  5. Ohhhh, a cranky pregnant lady! Those hormones are surging, aren't they! Well you are coping just fine - in fact quite well. I LOVED having a heart monitor at home and even on days when I wasn't panicky about anything, it was just nice to sit and listen to the baby's heartbeat. Such a sweet sound.

    Enjoy your book and take care of yourself, little mama!

  6. Yep, internal is much more accurate. You can get an idea from outside, but if you're truly following cervical length, it should be with transvaginal U/S.

  7. Awww! So glad we could help. I'm glad you're feeling better. And yes, anger is part of pregnancy, sadly. Just remember its a symptom and that should help you feel better any time you are angry again. ;)


  8. So glad you are feeling better Fran. I have been bad and not staying up to date with everyone and I missed your belly pics, waaay too beautiful my friend! I wish I had such a figure before Superbaby came, but you are luckier than i LOL! Hang in there girl, always thinking of you and Elvis! xoxo


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