Sunday, August 8, 2010

And sixteen!

Thank you all so much for the sleeping advices! The pillow behind the back really helped a lot and I slept better. I'm going to check out the body pillow too it seems fantastic! I'll also check out magnesium supplements, my prenatal only contains the equivalent of 17% RDA, so maybe I'm a bit low?

Today marks 16 weeks and I'm so happy to report that for the first time I have NOT put on weight since last Sunday! It's as if I'm less swollen which is great so maybe I've started losing a bit of those retained fluids finally! The belly is shaping up nicely, I will post some pics when I gathered a few more together. Apparently Elvis is the size of an avocado!

One thing I always forgot to say is about baby movements. I don't think I feel them yet even though at times I have the impression I do (like a very light tapping mostly happening in the evening and if I have something pressing on my belly, like...Patches!) but I have to say the doppler has almost cancelled all my anxieties. I still look forward to my next appointment and this time I have a series of questions ready for the doctor:

1) Weight gain (am I in line with what he was expecting?)
2) Being short of breath (not always but if I walk fast or go up a flight of stairs definitely so)
3) My blood tests results
4) Possibility of an incompetent cervix and can I be checked (and the anxiety that the awareness of this condition creates for me)
5) Vaginal discharge. It has increased and I have read it's very normal, but at the same time could it be a mild yeast infection?
6) Back pain and mild abdominal cramping (I think it's all normal but rather have him say so)
7) Discuss my first trimester screening results
8) I need a certificate to apply for a maternity leave

Anything else I have forgotten?

Mike is gone to see his hurling team playing in the semifinal, they are given as strong favourite and this apparently puts them under a great deal of pressure! I'm staying at home watching the same match from the comfort of my couch with Patches and the Dude...


  1. Sounds like everything is on track! Good for you!! I am so happy that things are going well.

  2. Do the weeks feel like they are starting to go by quickly yet? Wow...16. That was when we spilled the beans (finally) to our friends. I remember being so proud of my little round belly!

    As for baby movements, I recall reading that with a first pregnancy, you may not feel them until 20 weeks or so. You'll be so surprised when it happens!

    Looking forward to your next belly pics! And...any updates on the attic conversion?

  3. Congratulations on reaching 16 weeks! And glad to hear you're sleeping better.

  4. So glad you're doint well! I would love to feature your success story on my blog! Here's a link to the questions:
    Thanks in advance!

  5. Yes for week 14!! And for catching those zzzzzz's. (And the couch sounds like a nice safe place from which to watch hurling:)

  6. Sweet sixteen. Perfect!!

    I hope the obgyn appt isn't too far away, although it really sounds like the dopler is doing a great job of keeping your nerves at bay.

    Sixteen weeks!!!!! It really does feel like its flying by Fran!!

  7. Fran so happy all is going so well and congrats on 16 weeks!! I am sure what you are feeling is the first baby movements and trust me they only get stronger from now on and you are so going to tell when it's you baby!!
    Hope Mike's team won!

  8. Woohoo for 16 weeks! I'm glad that doppler has eased most of your fears and that the pillow behind your back is helping. I have an anterior placenta so they said I probably won't really feel the baby until around 22 or 24 weeks and it's normally around 20 weeks that the baby is felt.

  9. When I was pregnant I slept with two king size pillows in my bed so that I could have one between my legs at all times, and one at my back at all times. Then if I rolled over, they would switch positions. I still have to sleep with a pillow between my legs to this day because if I don't I get back pain. lol As the pregnancy moves on, you will come to need that pillow between the legs and supporting the belly.

    Mmmm... avocados.... ;)

    As for movement, I found I could feel it best at night when I was laying in bed. I felt it around 14 weeks, but definitely knew I was feeling it around 17 weeks. There was no question at that point that it was movement versus digestion. lol


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