Sunday, August 15, 2010

Seventeen and counting!

Elvis today becomes an onion! Yes, the ticker was giving this from yesterday, just can figure out how to tune it, ah well.

So I gained another kilo this week, that makes it +7.5! Ahh what can I do, the OB may say something to me about it on wednesday...
Again I feel well, with a bit of stretching and exercise and the magic pillow between the legs, my back ache is minimal! I have new interesting things appearing every now and again though, such as a blocked right ear and stuffy nose, plus a touch of heart-burn occasionally. And feeling blessed for all of it. I also had to buy new bras. I had bought a good few when I realised my standard bras didn't fit me anymore, spending a small fortune may I add, without realising that that was only the first step up! You fooled me once....

Now I am more convinced that sometimes the belly-bubbles are not in fact bubbles but Elvis! Still very very minimal though, we can hear more movements with the doppler.

No news yet on Patches blood results, hopefully monday, but he is well so hopefully the treatment is the right one.

And there has been some drama in the last couple of days between me and the girls on the Ectopic Pregnancy Ireland project. I basically disagree with most of the decisions made which in my eyes are just causing a major delay in getting the website up and running, an online forum working, and leaflets out to the public. I'm thinking of stepping down, I'm sure I can give my time to other charities where I feel more in line with the way of thinking. Real pity to be honest, but sure you cannot get on with everyone I suppose.


  1. Congrats on 17 weeks!! How exciting to be able to feel Elvis' movements for the first time.. they are only going to get stronger!!

    Glad to hear the magic pillow is working and your back is feeling better for it too.

    Fingers crossed all is ok with Patches!! Big hugs!!

  2. An onion that moves and grows like a beanstalk :) Congrats!!
    I need to find a magical cure for my back, I think a nerve is pinched, maybe I'll try the magic pillow!

    Sorry to hear about the EPI project, they're loosing a fantastic asset :( But you're right, you can give your time to other charities and feel better.

  3. Congrats on having an onion! I am so thrilled that the magic pillow is working for you and you are comfy again.

    I keep hoping and praying that you get some good news with Patches!!

  4. Yay for onions! Way to go Elvis! I've got the blocked ear and stuffy nose too. I didn't know that was a side effect of pregnancy until recently.

    Sorry about the group, it's difficult when your opinions don't mesh with the rest of the group.

  5. Glad to hear your back is feeling better:)....and how very exciting to feel Elvis moving...just confirms that everything is OK...I cant wait to feel Baby Hakes

  6. Oh Fran, thats sad about the EPI project. They are fools to let you slip thru their fingers. But, you know what, you are right because if its causing you stress and you are frustrated with it then its time to let it go. It should be a thing which complements your life not works against it. You've got to think of yourself on this one. It is a shame though when you can see what needs to be done but keep getting road blocked. Makes me wonder how often this happens to other good people who are donating their time to charities.

    Congrats on 17 weeks Elvis the onion!!!!!

  7. he is probably the only onion that will never make you cry :) glad things are going well w/ your pregnancy

    sorry to hear about the EPI project, that is a real shame.

  8. Yay Elvis is an onion. Wow I can't believe your 17 weeks already. Hope Patches is doing well. How is The Dude?

    I had to laugh when you told me to bin the HPTs. If I hadn't lived in England for 3 years I would have had no idea what you were talking about.


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