Sunday, August 29, 2010

19 weeks, Patches and Work

Oh my, it's been a full week without posting! Thankfully I had not signed up for ICLW or I would have definitely struggled with commenting.

First news first. 19 weeks! Little Elvis is a mango! I am quite sure I can feel more movements, they would not be too frequent, but certainly after having eaten something if I put my feet up I feel little pokes! No butterflies for me, or at least I would not describe them as such, sometimes more like vibrations but the only time I'm certain is when I can feel a distinct poke!
All well, sleeping is getting better, I still get up for a pee so I don't think that will go away, but I don't mind. Weight gain this week is stable! Delighted with myself! I definitely feel the extra weight, specially if I sit on the floor playing with the cats and have to get up...I kind of have to turn on my knees first...
The belly is now quite defined even when I wake up in the morning and I'm flat on my back. Nice!
Since this week I will have to change my weekly picture outfit as my sister pointed out I was at the limits of decency! So stay tuned for the next round of belly pics!
Oh, I meant to say that Mike and I will not look to find out if Elvis is in fact a boy (I think so though!) or if we've been calling a girl Elvis all the time...If it happens that we see something from the scan it's no problem but we won't ask the tech to tell us. We think we'd like the surprise!

I also wanted to update on Patches. Remember his blood-work showed hypothyroidism? Well, we started giving him the meds and he was reborn to a new lively, playful and hungry kitten! We were so delighted. Then, the Ultimate Vet Hero told us that a colleague of hers, working in the Vet hospital at our College, specialised in endocrinology and was really interested in seeing Patches. So we brought him there on Tuesday and after a long visit she said she doesn't think he suffers from congenital hypothyroidism. Yes, he is very small, but lacks many of the traits typical of this condition. While visiting him, she saw that he had a big ulcer on the roof of his mouth and said that was typical of another viral condition. She advised to stop the thyroid meds, stop the steroids (she think they may have masked the thyroid real functionality) and put him back on the antiviral. Then re-test him in a month. Reluctantly we did, knowing well that Patches wouldn't be doing well with no steroids for more than two days. But he did very well for 5 days! Our Ultimate Vet Hero is very happy that if we have to give him 0.5mg of prednisolone every 5 days is really no big deal and won't affect the next blood test.

Finally work. Term starts in two weeks, I have to write a proposal for a grant (deadline 7th of September) and I am as motivated as a dead slug... I've done all the less important bits like my CV, the budget, the titles and abstracts (yes two...a scientific one and a lay one) and can't bring myself to write the damn thing! Hopefully I'll be inspired soon....and it better be very soon! I also have to prepare a poster for the conference I'm going to on the 12th of September. Again, I've played with the background, the font, the title...oh boy can I be less interested in doing it?
Ah well.


  1. 19 weeks already!! Wow time does fly by!! Cannot wait for the picture update to see how your belly is coming along.. I am sure it's super cute! Those first pokes and movements are the best and be prepared they are only going to get stronger from here on. Then you will see your whole belly moving.. that's is to incredible and I still have the same amazed reaction to D when it does happen!!I could never wait that long to find out.. I felt the need to know what we were having so bad and so did D.. good luck in the long wait and hat off to you!!

    Good news on Patches I am glad your Vet seems to be on top of everything and that she suggested such a specialist! Hope all continues well for him!

  2. The half-way mark is approaching in giant steps - congratulations!!

  3. Surprises are the best!! for some reason I always assumed the baby would be named Elvis....and that it was a boy....haha, Are you thinking of other names too? or if its a boy will it be elvis?

    Yeah for Patches!

  4. I thought I was already following you, but apparently not. Whoops!

    Anywho, I changed my url!

  5. So glad that you and baby are doing well....Cant believe it is already 19wks...WOW:) I want to commend you on not finding out what you are having....there was just no way I was waiting have had to many surprises over the past year whether good or bad and this one I wanted to be fully prepared for...I myself want to go all our with boy stuff!!!! Hope you have a good week:)

  6. I was going to ask if you were bottomless in the pics, but didn't want to look like the only perv who noticed! LOL Glad our sister caught it...tee hee!

    So glad ELvis is doing well- I like that your leaving the surprise element! exciting!

    Sounds like patches is do well too -so all is good in your corner of the world. Good to hear. xoxoxoxox

  7. I'm so glad to hear from you Fran and so excited that you are at 19 weeks. I can't wait to see your pictures and continue to read about your journey. Give Elvis a nice pat from me. Take care and as always sending good thoughts to you.

  8. So glad to hear everything is going well - 19 weeks! Wow! Also that's fabulous that the vet and her colleague are helping Patches!

  9. I cannot believe you are nearly half way through your pregnancy already! You sound wonderful, and I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures of the bump. I had wondered whether you and Mike wanted to know the baby's gender. What a surprise it will be! The best ever.

    What a strange twist in the story of Patches' illness. I hope all his ailments clear up now with so many people on the case.

    As for work - eh - you have more exciting things on your mind! But I'm sure you'll get the job done.

    Love and hugs to you, Fran.

  10. Glad your little boy is doing better. I hate watching pets suffer. I've also noticed the process that it takes to get up from the floor when pregnant. I now turn to my knees, put one leg forward, and use my hand to that knee to lever myself up. All for the best, of course.

    By the way, someone suggested downloading the sound of a crying baby to get pets used to having one in the house. I odn't know how your cats are - I'm sure mine will adapt without that - but it's an intriguing idea if they're reluctant to accept change or you don't want to upset their lives suddenly.

  11. The thing I miss most about pregnancy is the fetal movement. You're just heading into what I consider to be the best part. :)

    I really hope changing Patches' medicine doesn't affect him as far as energy and feeling well goes. It seems odd that the meds could make him feel so much better even if he didn't have what they are meant to treat. (Did that make sense?!)

    Good luck with the new term. All of our public schools started last week, and our universities start back today. I hope this ends up being a great year for you!

  12. Woohoo for 19 weeks! I think waiting to find out the gender is a great thing. I kind of wish we'd waited, but it's also nice knowing so that we can plan things.

    Interesting development about Patches. I hope that the ulcer heals up quickly.

  13. 19 weeks is WONDERFUL. Wow. I can't believe it. You are about to enter your sixth (!?!?!) month? Or have I calculated that wrong? I'm a poor mathematician but I love the idea of Elvis being the size of a mango:)

    Glad that Patches is better, though it's so frustrating - I know - to hear more than one diagnosis. It sounds like he is in good hands, though, and that's great.

    Good luck with the start of term and writing that proposal!

  14. So exciting for you Fran! Hurrah!

  15. Yay for 19 wks!! I'm so happy things are going well! Can't wait for the updated pics.

  16. So pleased to hear that Patches is doing better. I don't know whether to be relieved or frustrated that you got 2 diagnosis for him, but either way as long as he's on the mend and is being monitored then thats a very good reason to be happy. Its so hard when our furry friends get sick.

    As for 19 weeks, well this is just mind boggling to me that you are almost half way there. It really feels like its flying by (probably not for you though!).

    I think its wonderful that you're leaving the sex as a suprise. Either way he/she will be perfect!


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