Monday, August 16, 2010

Patches results and more on the Project

We just got a call from the Ultimate Vet Hero and Patches suffers of SEVERE hypothyroidism!! We understood that normal values would be between 10 and 40, where 10 is already quite borderline of course and little Patches has 3!!! the Vet was so happy she found what was wrong and so are we. We really hope that the cure will kick in soon, the dose we had him on since last week is way too low, poor kitten! No wonder he's always cold and sleepy! Now he has this other symptom which he developed in the last week or so; when he eats, any time he swallows, he gags too. Nothing comes out, it's as if he's something stuck in his throat, but that would also be very strange. Another mystery illness I think. The Dude on the other hand is doing really well, getting more and more similar to a dog in his behaviour, so cute! Thanks for all your good wishes and for remembering the Dude too!

I wanted to update also on the Ectopic Pregnancy Ireland Project. After a series of emails which escalated to quite strong tones, it calmed down and we agreed to disagree. We also blamed a bit of the misunderstanding on emails which are subjected to interpretation of course, so I'm still on board and very happy to contribute to it. We'll try to have more frequent meetings where things can be said face to face and clarified immediately rather than creating anxiety for all of us involved. I'll have a dedicated page on the project once we have a few more items together.
Thanks as always for your support!


  1. So glad you found out what is wrong with Patches - now you can treat it!

    Can't wait to see more information about your Project - sounds very interesting - so glad you guys reached an agreement.

  2. I'm so glad you figured out Patches' situation! Phew. Poor little kitty. And thank goodness for science pointing you in the right direction.

    And e-mail is so difficult for carrying on a conversation. No inflection always leads to misunderstandings.

  3. What a relief to finally know what's going on with Patches - hope he starts doing much better soon and can be as active as the Dude!

    Glad to hear things are moving along with the organization and you're not letting a misunderstanding ruin it :)

  4. I've been through quite a few email misunderstandings in my day.

    Your project sounds wonderful. And glad to hear Patches has something treatable!

  5. Glad to hear the latest updated on Patches. I hope the meds will now control everything properly!

    Also, I'm glad that the Ectopic Project group has calmed down and that you're moving forward!

  6. Wow poor patches. I'm so glad they figured out what's wrong and can now properly treat him! I hope he feels better very soon.

    It's so nice when people are actually mature enough to agree to disagree. Opinions are still acknowledged and no one feels bad. Glad you were able to work it out with them.

  7. Thank goodness you have a road to recovery for patches now. So terribly hard when our furry friends get sick. Hope he recovers soon.

    And super good news that you were able to clear the air on the EPI project. Emails can be interpreted so differently by different people, and because they are there in black and white we have a tendency to go back and re read them over and over again, making things worse and worse each time. Glad its all smoothed out now though.

  8. Poor little Hypo-T Patches! He's so lucky you persisted to find out the problem. I bet he springs to good health in no time!

    It's good you were able to work things out with the gals on the ectopic project. They NEED you on that board! You have so much to offer and it would have been their loss if you quit.

    Happy 17 weeks, BTW!

  9. Good news, at least in terms of finding out what was wrong with Patches. hope the new meds will make him all better.


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