Saturday, May 14, 2011

Back from holidays

Hellooooo! I've been off the blogland for over a week, sorry for the lack of commenting, I'll make up for it!

So we have been in Italy and the weather was great. So was the food and the daily ice-creams...Oliver loves it thereso much time outside, so many things to see and so many people to entertain him every minute of the day. Thing is, it takes a couple of days to settle in and then it's almost time to go back home... Flying is no problem, I seem to do worse than him on descend, my left ear is killing me! We had the plan to move him into his room as we returned home but a series of things happened.

First. There was was death in Mike's family and we were supposed to travel to the South-West yesterday having been back in Dublin on Wednesday.
Second. Oliver got his four months vaccinations on Thursday and it was hell. My always sweet and smiley baby turned into this inconsolable, unhappy, unrecognisable being. For two days solid. I think I cried almost as much as I had no idea what was wrong and what to do. He had no temperature, but was off his food, throwing up a good bit and crying for what felt like forever before falling asleep exhausted. Only to start it all over again when he woke up. I gave him Calpol (baby paracetamol) the night of the injections and again last night. It help immensely and I feel terrible for not giving it to him during the day, for not having called the doctor or nurseline yesterday. Today is my lovely baby again.

So Mike went on his own and I stayed at home. I managed to transform his cot into the bed (it's the Stokke system). It took me hours. Not because it was difficult but because Oliver was so so upset all day. It still is in our room, I wanted to make sure he slept well before moving it to his nursery. I am delighted to report it was a success!

I also think he's teething. He's been drooling for a while and of course he puts everything in his mouth, but then I looked at his lover gum and I saw this:

Can you see it too? It's like "fingerprints" of the lower front teeth, I never noticed them before. Maybe it's going to be a few more weeks before they appear but I feel it may have contributed to his general unhappiness...

Anyway, no more injections for two more months!


  1. I see them! Poor little guy. Shots and new teeth is so much to deal with all at once. Glad you had a nice trip :)

  2. Yes, I see the teeth! I'm sure the teething could contribute to his grumpiness - have some teething gel on hand and it will help tremendously.

    So glad you're home safely and I'm sorry to hear about yet another tragedy in Mike's family.

  3. Amazing that you were able to take that picture!! Is he smiling?

    hugs, xV

  4. Congratulations on Oliver! I'm just getting caught up with blogs after a very long break.

    Glad to see you are keeping well, and wow, shots and teething at once would be super hard.

    Welcome Oliver!

  5. Valery, he's actually crying! I know, terrible mom!!

  6. Poor little Oliver. It is so rough when they are inconsolable. It gets into your very core and shakes you to your witts end. I'm glad he is starting to feel better and hope he continues to do so. Poor little man. :(

    I am so envious of your trips to Italy. You are such a lucky lady!

    Sorry to hear about the death in Mike's family. I hope he is handling it well.

    Loads of love.

  7. Poor little guy - I can see the teeth coming in! And shots always seem to screw up little ones... Glad to hear he is better now!


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